Alabama-Tennessee: With Terrance Cody Injury, Vols Have Poison Picked for Them

Nic GulasSenior Analyst IOctober 24, 2008

To say that Alabama fans have been enamored with Terrance Cody since he signed back in February would be an understatement. 
Cody is the biggest thing to hit the University of Alabama campus since Bryant-Denny itself, and the cheeks in the seats of Bryant-Denny Stadium have developed a cult following for the man they call "Mt. Cody."
Don't believe me?  Well, then you must have been in the bathrooms when Mt. Cody ran on the field for the Jumbo package and a loud whisper overcame Bryant-Denny Stadium against Ole Miss last Saturday.

You also must have been back in there when Cody went down with an MCL sprain and had to be carted off the field while the rest of the stadium could hear a pin drop.
(By the way, if you were the one in the bathroom at both of these times or just simply don't remember either, here is a hint to fix both problems: drink less before the game.)
As grim as the Crimson Tide faithful seemed after Cody's injury, there is no real need to get too down. 
This is where redshirt freshman Josh Chapman steps in. 
Never heard of him?  Well, he has been rotating with Cody at the nose tackle position all season and has just as many tackles for loss as the big fella and only lags behind the tackles category by three after playing just half the time No. 62 does. 
Sure, he doesn't weigh nearly 400 pounds, but let me pose this question to you as if you were an SEC center...
Take your pick: a man who weighs nearly 400 pounds pushing against you, or a man who can squat two of you pushing against you? 
Having trouble making a decision?  Personally, I would just take the medical hardship scholly and run. 
In other words, what Chapman doesn't have in size, he makes up for in strength.  The freshman from Hoover benches an impressive 450 pounds and squats 600. 

If you are at a loss for words right now, let me help: The kid is a beast.

According to Alabama corner/return specialist Javier Arenas, Chapman draws the same sort of attention in the weight room that Cody has drawn from fans. 

Arenas says Chapman fills up the bar with weight on both sides to the point no more can be added.  To an even greater extent, a crowd forms around Chapman when he is maxing out, and many players leave with their jaws dropped.
So, to all the Tennessee fans who thought they had dodged a bullet with Cody going down, he is something to remember Saturday: The strongest man on the Alabama sidelines, instead of the biggest, will be on the field Saturday night.