The 18 Game Killer

Jack OverhouseContributor IOctober 24, 2008

The NFL has to get serious now.  Roger Goodell is trying to raise the popularity when its already on top by adding two games to the schedule.  Now we all know that the NFL preseason is a absolute joke with your best players not even bothering to play for risk of injury. Leading into the thought of eliminating a few of those games and adding to the regular season. Come on lets face it the NFL is perfectly formatted right now with 16 games every game seems to matter a whole lot more than the one before. The thought in his head is strictly bringing in more revenue with a whole 2 weeks added to the regular season schedule, this means far more tickets sold and a whole lot more T.V. contract money. 

I being the fan that i am hate the idea of adding two games to the schedule for many reasons. One being the longer season makes every game less intense because every game has a two week insurance package on it that you can always make up for your early losses later. Another is the fact that this move would tarnish records, i mean nearly every single season record would be broken not because that person was truly better but for the simple fact that they were able to play a whole two more games then the former record holders.  They would all have to have (*) thrown next to their names and not for cheating. Also the NFL is the hardest hitting league and with two more games added it will leave the winners to be the team with the most people healthy and not truly the best team.  Lets face it adding to it is only gonna hurt the players in the long run.  The average career will be cut down you'll be seeing players in and out of the league faster than they can be a solid role model to kids everywhere. Stars will turn to nobody's at the blink of an eye.

This plan is surely Roger Goodell trying to show that he holds power in this league.  He is making sure that everyone knows that he's not just sitting there and babysitting our NFL but that he has actual thoughts as well.  I really hope that this idea will never be passed because to me football is perfect just how it is, and by adding games your only putting players at risk for the extra money that you think you would be pulling in.  Lets face it the game is on top right now you are attracting more fans than ever before don't ruin it Goodell.