WWE News: Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan Provide Post-WrestleMania Entertainment

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2011

It turns out that there is still money in a feud between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. 

Too bad every dime of it may come out of Warrior's pocket as a result of some inflammatory remarks the former WWE Champion made about Hulk Hogan in an upcoming 55-minute shoot video. 

Warrior is not the first pro wrestler, former or current, to make anti-Hulk Hogan statements (nor will he be the last), but he is the most intriguing name to do so in a while. 

Given all the work he's put into the latest rendition of an embittered "Hate Hogan" campaign, it comes as no surprise that this vintage turned viral feud has garnered so much attention. 

The beef started when Hogan conducted a sit-down interview with HDNet.  During the interview, in a statement that may have been as accurate as it was paranoid, Hogan stated that Warrior had had an opening to "put a bullet in Hulkamania."

Warrior, who in all likelihood had been looking for an excuse to drag Hogan's name through the mud for old time's sake, responded with a fury only matched by the intensity that both defined and dispatched his meteoric rise into WWE history. 

He opened a twitter account.  He took to YouTube.  Warrior's mean-spirited foray into social media was an elaborate promotional effort to build towards a karmic storm designed to do to Hulkamania what Warrior's "bullets" couldn't. 

Warrior delivered on multiple threats that "karma was coming to collect," releasing a preview of an almost hour long shoot-video that would "expose" Hulk Hogan. 

Warrior does not appear to be breaking any ground with the teased remarks he made about Hulk Hogan, outside of claims that Hogan once offered up his wife to him. 

The most shocking revelation in Warrior's seven-minute preview is that Warrior indeed does have the ability to form a coherent sentence after all. 

Many mainstream media outlets, including Foxnews.com and TMZ.com have covered the ongoing feud between Warrior and Hogan. 

Several years removed from one of the greatest flash-in-the-pan runs in WWE history, the Ultimate Warrior has been starved for the very attention he used to command almost effortlessly by sprinting out to a wrestling ring. 

Once pro wrestling's answer to controlled epilepsy, the Warrior quickly faded from the limelight after proving to be a self-destructive (in WWE's words) headcase in a world filled with headcases whose talent kept them employed. 

Lucky for Warrior, he has found solace in the revitalizing confines of social media, but at what price?

After repeated attempts to ignore Warrior's all-too-familiar efforts to sully his name, Hogan has now lawyered up as he recently announced intentions to sue his WrestleMania VI rival for defamation. 

Wrestling's annual "Wrecession" period is in full swing.  WrestleMania season is long gone, playoff season is underway in major sports, summer blockbuster season will figure to take TV viewers out of their homes, and, likewise, ratings are down.

While WWE's diminutive pay-per-view audience awaits the company's midyear SummerSlam shot in the arm, the ongoing drama between Warrior and Hogan will figure to give wrestling fans viable entertainment. 

With the Hogan-Warrior feud likely coming to a courtroom near you, let's hope there's a market of buyers for the memorabilia in which Warrior shamelessly displayed in the background of his shoot video.

Should Hogan follow through with a lawsuit and win, Warrior will need to pay his arch-rival somehow. 

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