Heikki Kovalainen: Victim of Injustice?

Anne DoeCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

After being given mismatched tyres, can even McLaren fans deny it?

China, a week back. Clambering out of his car after qualifying, Heikki Kovalainen wasn't looking particularly happy. Having qualified in a lowly fifth position, nobody was really expecting him to be. I, myself, was feeling rather bad for him, as. straight after walking down the pit-lane, he was almost attacked by the ITV camera.

And those of us residing in the UK, even if you only had a passing interest in F1, or even fans worldwide, could have guessed whom ITV asked him about.

"How are you going to help Lewis tomorrow?"

You'd be quite heartless not to feel sorry for him.

Monaco was where all of the problems concerning McLaren started. Many people believed he stalled on the grid before the parade lap, but that wasn't the case. An electrical glitch from the monitor that was plugged into his car prevented the car from going with everyone else's.

A series of bad races followed. Bad luck coupled with some driver errors prevented him from achieving his maximum potential, but fuel loads did not particularly help, either.

Kovalainen has been consistently bogged down in a car which nearly always had a heavier fuel load than its sister car. It doesn't take a genius to work out that adding more weight slows you down, leaving him further down the grid and thus lessening his chances of a win.

These last two races haven't exactly been brilliant for the Finn, either. At Fuji, his Merc' engine went up in a cloud of smoke, which unsurprisingly meant "nil point" for him. China was hardly better—he was served with mismatched tyres at the start. It would all come to nothing, anyway; his brakes developed a problem and he eventually retired with his engine developing a pneumatic system problem.

Were the roles reversed, does anybody really believe that Lewis Hamilton would have been struck with all of these problems—electrical glitches, inexplicable fuel loads and, most ridiculously of all, mismatched tyres?

It has been subtly hinted at that Kovalainen is not happy with the situation. I think I'd feel the same, too...


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