The Ultimate Fighter 14: What to Expect from a Season with Bisping and Mayhem

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IJune 10, 2011

The Ultimate Fighter 14: What to Expect from a Season with Bisping and Mayhem

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    Now that we are just a little bit into the taping of The Ultimate Fighter 14, it seems like a good time to write this.

    The 14th season of the reality show features two fighters, Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Michael Bisping.

    Bisping has already ticked off a lot of the MMA fanbase (again) and now will have to survive the hilarious verbal onslaught of the crazy Mayhem Miller.

    This season will be the first season that showcases the newest additions to the UFC's weight classes when the first bantamweight and featherweight fighters step foot into the UFC gym and house in Las Vegas and fight to become the first "Ultimate Fighter" in their respective weight class.

    So here it is, five things for this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

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Higher Ratings

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    With Jason "Mayhem" Miller you get some followers from his Bully Beatdown show on MTV 2. Brock Lesnar wasn't the big ratings draw last season, and it particularly wasn't his fault seeing as the cast was pretty boring too, but Mayhem could be the big draw they need.

    Then you mix into the fact that Mayhem has a great, sellable personality mixed with Michael Bisping's haters who will tune in to watch Mayhem get under the skin of Bisping.

    People watch reality TV for one reason, the big train wreck that is human confrontation. If anyone will get under Bisping's skin, it's Mayhem.

Awesomely Hilarious Banter Between Bisping and Mayhem

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    Like it was mentioned in the last slide, Mayhem and Bisping will get into it. Eventually down the road Mayhem will spit craziness and Bisping will respond by calling him a slang word that only British people will get, forcing us to Google some weird word that people will make fun of him for.

    If you haven't watched Bully Beatdown, I suggest you go watch an episode and watch the craziness Mayhem spews at the guys who appear on the show.

    Even in this picture that was put together you can see Mayhem already ticking off Bisping.

    Mayhem must have called Bisping's wife a cowgirl or something, which is probably derogatory someplace in the world. Go figure.

Another Great Main Event at a TUF Finale

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    The TUF Finale fight card always offers up some good fights. Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez, Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar, and here is another one Mayhem vs. Bisping.

    It was announced that this fight instead of taking place on a pay-per-view card will be taking place on Spike TV in Las Vegas at the Finale. So not only will these two fight on the card, but will also be able to watch the fighters from their teams fight.

    This should make for a good fight with Mayhem's ground ability and Bisping's striking ability. Mayhem will give Bisping a run for his money.

Possibly the Final Season on Spike TV

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    It has long been discussed and is becoming a very real possibility that this could be the last season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV.

    The UFC's deal with Spike TV runs up at the end of the year and has yet to be renewed. The UFC has reportedly looked at other stations to house it's reality TV show, old fight footage, and televised cards.

    Last season saw Spike TV move TUF to the 9 pm slot and also saw the UFC air one of it's programs on ESPN 2, just an hour before it aired for the first time on Spike.

    So whatever happens, it looks like the biggest possibility right now could be Spike TV losing the UFC, and another station, like G4, earning the UFC's lucrative TV deal.

Good Fighters

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    Among the fighters to show up for the tryouts for this season were Din Thomas and Kit Cope, along with WEC veterans like Wagnney Fabiano, Micah Miller and Ian McCall.

    On the UFC's official Twitter account they posted a few words from Michael Bisping about one of the fighters on the show, and possibly on his team:

    Bisping on an early standout: a ko artist, bjj ace and "he's mental"

    Something tells me someone on this show seems like a deadly good favorite to win the season. Then again, it is very early in the shows taping, and someone always stands out at the beginning and sometimes doesn't perform very well or make it to the end.

    One good example of a fighter being an early favorite and not making it to the finals, Shamar Bailey from TUF 13.