Lottery Winner Has to Wait Four Months for Cheque to Clear

True BlueCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

Its been a while since Manchester City were purchased by a member of the Abu Dhabi royal family, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

It must be made clear the this was a "private purchase", and not one made on behalf of the Royal Family.

It appears that the funding for the club's transfer dealings have been underwritten by Sheik Mansour for some time know, seemingly in the knowledge that they were to buy the club.

The news, when it was released was quite startling for Blues fans, in fact for ALL soccer fans.

Please allow me a brief historical observation which may help explain why it is of such significance.

Manchester City's glory years pre-date the massive influx of money and like Everton, Wolves, and others, we fans often ask the "what if" question. What if we were that sucessful now, in the modern era?

The income that Manchester City could have derived from the period in which they held the League Cup, FA Cup, AND European Cup Winners Cup could have sustained things for a few years thereafter no doubt.

(NB Manchester City were the first club to hold three trophies in one season, something that is often overlooked. And that came the year after they won the league!)

Few doubt that Manchester City is prime for that "what if" moment now.

They have the stadium, the manager, and the fans. Plus of course the youth policy and some of the infrastructure in place and ready to go.

Now of course the infrastructure we were proud of is below the very high standards in place courtesy of the new owners.

So if the money starts to flow and the players arrive then we could be in for a glorious new era for the blue half of Manchester.

Are we about to regain our place at the top table of English football? If so I feel that  other clubs had better beware.

Imagine if the sleeping giant that holds the records for league and cup attendances were suddenly to start winning things, how would other club cope?

But we have a slight problem, we have to wait for January to really see what the owners are intending.

If January fails to deliver some serious new players then the deflation and "i told you so" attitudes will prevail.

If the lottery win is real and the likes of David Villa sign, then hold on to something pretty solid—as were gonna fly.

So, "Big Four" move over as the new kid may just be about to cash the biggest cheque in football, and at the same time win a trophy—or possibly three.