Week Eight Picks: Beware the Underdog

Michael PeresContributor IOctober 24, 2008

Last week I went a decent 8-5 against the spread with one of those eight coming on the miraculous 94=yard cover courtesy of Calvin Johnson AKA Megatron.  With the exception of the Cowboys leaving their game face in Week Four,  Matt Ryan, and the Chargers i feel like I have a pretty good handle on the league.

West coast teams traveling to the east and playing the early game always seem to get killed, the home teams in the surprisingly good NFC South always seem to cover, and the Texans have only covered one game all year.  With all that said lets get to the picks for Week Eight:

Home teams in CAPS:


Raiders (+8) over the RAVENS

I know I know, I just got through talking about how badly west coast teams play when they travel cross country for the early game.  However, eight points is a lot and the Raiders did look decent against the Jets last weekend.  Maybe the pride of Idaho is just the type of coach needed to restore the Al Davis regime.


Chargers (-3) over the Saints

I'm really hoping Pacman gets reinstated and the Cowboys get the London game next year.  Pacman going into a British pub with his body guards right before an Arsenal game finishes and the hooligans spill in sounds like something that needs to be televised and could lead to an international incident.  Have no real thoughts on this game other then the Chargers have to win to stay competitive.


JETS (-14) over the Chiefs

In my mind the Chiefs are easily the worst team in football and I don't care if they do have one win.  I refuse to back a team that plays three quarterbacks a game and is benching their one good player in Larry Johnson.


Bills (-2) over the DOLPHINS

Trap game. This line is way too low for no blatantly obvious reasons such as injuries or suspensions.  I don't get this line at all and feel like everyone will load up on the AFC East leading Bills, which gambling rules say to go against the crowd.  On that note I'm going with the crowd.


Buccaneers (+2) over the COWBOYS

The Cowboys look terrible and the Bucs are on the rise.  I really hope I'm wrong on this one.


Falcons (+9) over the EAGLES

I think the Falcons are a lot better then people think and the Eagles are not as good as people think.  The Falcons only losses are to the Buccaneers and Panthers and they have two really good wins against the Bears and Packers.  Mark this one as my upset special as well.


PATRIOTS (-7.5) over the Rams

This is a weird game.  The Pats looked like they might have figured it out Monday night against Denver, then again it was the Denver secondary that Matt Cassell solved so who knows.  The Rams come off consecutive wins against the Redskins and Cowboys, yet I need to see one more big game before I believe.


Cardinals (+4) over the PANTHERS

Both of these teams are showing signs as playoff contenders and whoever wins this game should get some legitimate buzz around the league as a NFC favorite.  This game will depend on which Panthers defense shows up.  With a bye week to rest I'll take the points and the Cards.


Redskins (-8) over the LIONS

The Lions fall into the same category as the Chiefs, just an atrocious team.  I don't like the Redskins and the Lions could pick up a cheap cover like last week, but I'll take my chances.


Browns (+8) over the JAGUARS

The Browns aren't playing terrible football, but just bad enough to lose every week. Romeo Crennel and Herm Edwards seem to be trying to get fired at this point.  Like the Jags to win, but the Browns to cover.


Bengals (+9) over the TEXANS

Big week for Ohio.  Both teams losing but moral victories after both teams cover their enormous spreads.  In a related note I really like the over at 44.5 here.  The Texans have gone over in every game this season.


Giants (+2.5) over the STEELERS

I think the Giants defense will do enough to disrupt Roethlisberger and fragile Willie Parker.  If Dominic Hixson or Steve Smith step up I believe the Giants will get a huge road win here.


49ERS (-5) over the Seahawks

Seneca Wallace on the road with no receivers and a shell of Julius Jones.  I'll take the 49ers please.


TITANS (-4) over the Colts

The only team left in the league that is perfect against the spread.  I'm riding them until proven otherwise.


Record last week: 8-5