Game 5 – Sox vs. Rays

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Game 5 – Sox vs. Rays

3 Sox fans in an English pub in Chicago watch the most exciting baseball game  this season. Here is how it went…

thumbs down7-0 after a B.J “I am unconscious” Upton smacks a double, scoring Bartlett and Iwamura.
thumbs downThe stands at Fenway begin to wane; Sox fans cannot face the humiliation of being man-handled at home for three straight games by the Devil Rays.
thumbs downJoe Maddon has a boner (metaphorically of course).
Thumbs UpThe bottom of the 7th I had a gut feeling that Big Papi was going to finally come through.
Thumbs UpPapi quits bitching and hits a dinger; only down by 3 runs.
Thumbs UpPappelbon is feeling it, but gets pulled; Masterson is brought in to finish, no more runs for Tampa.
Thumbs UpBottum of the 8th, JD “Don’t judge a book by its cover” Drew hits a 2-run homer; down by one.
Thumbs UpI have a boner (metaphorically of course).
Thumbs UpI get a text from my brother, “OMG”
Thumbs UpI text him back, “Hell Mutha F$#@ing Yes, Bitch!”
Thumbs UpBottom of the 9th, holy shit, the Sox are going to do it.
Thumbs UpJD “I am the new Papi” Drew smacks a line-drive to right field.
Thumbs UpKevin “I like to sweat” Youkilis scores.
thumbs downI scream like a girl.
Thumbs UpI high-five everyone in sight; scream like a girl again, followed by a manly holler.
Thumbs UpThe Sox are back in it. Game 6 tomorrow night!

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