Nebraska Football: Where Do the Huskers Go Without Any Codys? (HUMOR)

Patrick RungeCorrespondent IJune 9, 2011

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 26: Cody Green #17 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers slips past Jimmy Smith #3 of the Colorado Buffaloes during their game at Memorial Stadium on November 26, 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska defeated Colorado 45-17 (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Eric Francis/Getty Images

(Cody Green, wondering if the food in the Boise State press room is as good as in Lincoln)

Once again, the Husker Hotwire struggles with the "weekly" part of it's catchy tagline. Struggling with the funny part, of course, is a given. But given the Hotwire staff's inordinate number of "Codys," it's not surprising to find the Husker Hotwire thinking they had no business covering Nebraska football.

The transfer of Cody Green had a lot to do with those feelings. Green, undefeated as a starter and unrivaled at a press conference, announced his departure with head coach Bo Pelini's blessings. Concerns amongst Nebraska fans grew quickly in terms of quarterback depth, as well as who would fill the void entertaining journalists during post-game interviews.

Prior to Green's departure, also-quarterback Kody Spano announced he was quitting football after multiple injuries. Spano's departure meant that Nebraska's quarterback depth was bad enough that a freshman walkon from Aurora might have a shot to get into the mix in 2011.

So, the Cody-heavy staff of the Husker Hotwire can be forgiven, at least somewhat, for feeling a little left out of the Nebraska program. With the current roster of Huskers being officially Cody-free, the Hotwire reporters will have to make friends with sophopmore linebacker Colby Starkebaum in an attempt to feel at least a little welcome.


At the Husker Hotwire, we are committed to keep you up-to-date with news from the B1G Conference, Nebraska's new home. Buckeye Hotwire reported that Ohio State's head coach, not-yet-fired Jim Tressel, decided to resign and avoid being called at-last-the-story-is-over-and-he's-fired Jim Tressel. With Tressel's resignation, one of the biggest questions that arises is who will coach Ohio State in 2012, after no-way-he-gets-the-job Luke Fickell finishes out the 2011 campaign.

The question, though, seems pretty simple to the Hotwire staff. Urban Meyer is currently working for ESPN as a college football analyst after guiding Utah to an undefeated season and a BCS bowl and winning two Shiny Crystal Football trophies at Florida. The Buckeyes will be looking for a big-name coach, and Meyer knows if he stays at ESPN it's only a matter of time before someone sticks a funny hat on his head.

But wait, you say. Didn't Meyer resign at Florida for health concerns, due to the stress of the job? Indeed he did, which makes him all the more of a lock for the gig in Columbus. Look, Ohio State is in a lot of trouble from the NCAA, and is likely to get a bowl ban and scholarship restrictions at least as severe as USC received.

Which makes the job perfect for Meyer. No bowls to prepare for? One less big game to apply stress on the head Buckeye. Scholarship restrictions? Fewer kids to recruit, which means less running around for the head coach and staff. Heck, if the NCAA hits Ohio State hard enough, the Buckeye head coach might get knocked down to a part-time gig. It would be perfect for the recuperating Meyer to get back into coaching without overtaxing his heart.


 Moutaineer Hotwire is making contact with the folks at E! and TLC, after reporting that the wife of current head coach Bill Stewart may have been trying to encourage the local media to embarrass soon-to-be head coach Dana Holgorson. Watching Stewart and Holgorson "work together" this season is fodder enough for a reality show, even without the obligatory West Virginia jokes.

Sooner Hotwire reports that head coach Bob Stoops isn't interested in claiming the 2004 Shiny Crystal Football trophy that the BC$ finally got around to vacating from USC. Which is fortunate, given that the BC$ made it clear that the Sooners weren't going to get it anyway. And, of course, because it would be a little weird to give a Shiny Crystal Football trophy to a team that lost by 36 points.

Tar Heel Hotwire reports that they will be asking for a few interns from Buckeye Hotwire, as the NCAA turns its' investigatory attentions on North Carolina. Tar Heel fans responded to the NCAA's Letter of Inquiry with one voice, saying "well, yeah, but is it basketball season yet?"

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COLUMBUS, OH - MARCH 30:  Head Coach Jim Tressel speaks to the media during a press conference before the start of Spring practices at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center at The Ohio State University on March 30, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/
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