WVU Football: Rich Rodriguez Agrees To Pay in Full!

warren groomerCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2008

Expressing remorse over the escalation of the troubling situation and concern for his reputation as well as the reputations of West Virginia University and University of Michigan, Rich Rodriguez has agreed to pay WVU a sum of $4,000,000.00 as a monetary settlement owed in accordance with the former WVU head coach's contract.

Details of the negotiations are vague, however, federal mediator Ferd Robinson stated that both sides agreed have Rodriguez will deliver the money to the Morgantown campus by the end of the week.

Robinson feesl that, while Rodriguez may have gone back on his word in not honoring the tenure of his contract with West Virginia, it is his sincere desire to restore his good name by paying all monies owed, down to the penny.

In a photo released by the University of Michigan athletic department, truck drivers posed in front of the 57-truck convoy scheduled to haul the 400,000,000 pennies on their 345-mile journey from Ann Arbor to Morgantown.

The roughly 2,270,000 pounds of tin, zinc, and copper plate are scheduled to leave Ann Arbor late Friday evening after a three day loading process is complete. A logistical plan for the convoy revealed a two day travel schedule, with the coins arriving in Morgantown sometime Sunday evening. Upon arrival the Lincoln cents will be deposited in the campus football stadium.

When pressed for details about the slow pace, a spokesperson for the trucking company said that while every detail of a trip of this magnitude would normally be planned precisely, there was no way to calculate how many bathroom breaks would be required or exactly when they would occur.

Robinson further stated it is Rodriguez’s goal to have all trucks arrive in Morgantown together to avoid any suspicion that he might not pay in full.

Rodriguez, through Robinson, welcomed West Virginia administrators to count the money. However, he further feels that it would demonstrate an atmosphere of renewed trust and respect if they declined to do so.  “It will all be there,” Robinson said to a press corps assembled outside the mediation site.  “Coach Rodriguez also wishes to express that he will not be responsible for any broken windshields in the event that one or two of the pennies get loose on the highway.”