WWE Power Rankings: Stock Up/Stock Down on the Top 21 WWE Wrestlers Today

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIJune 9, 2011

WWE Power Rankings: Stock Up/Stock Down on the Top 21 WWE Wrestlers Today

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    So, before I start anything, I did not list anybody who is on any kind of hiatus right now and that includes the Big Show, who was hit with a car by Alberto Del Rio a couple weeks ago.

    Also, there is no Undertaker or Triple H on this list because they haven't been seen since their epic WrestleMania encounter.

    Everyone listed here is somebody who is significant on RAW or SmackDown RIGHT NOW!  This is the list of the top 21 guys in WWE.

Others Not Making the List

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    Here is a list of some guys who did not make the top 21..

    Ted Dibiase, Great Khali, David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty and Justin Gabriel.

    Feel free to judge, but continue on reading as the countdown officially starts on the next slide.

21. Sin Cara

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    Watching Sin Cara is like watching a NASCAR race.  It is enjoyable for everyone, but something is bound to go wrong.  Why do you think he is on SmackDown?

    Short answer to that one is that WWE wanted to edit out some of his miscues in the ring.  Don't believe me?  Watch his performance in the ring.

    He is exciting and will definitely sell plenty of merchandise, just like Rey Mysterio, but unlike Mysterio, Sin Cara doesn't have the consistency and needs to develop that in order to get to the point that WWE wants him to be at

    In terms of potential, he has WWE's backing and he has his mid-card spot, so No. 21 is where he sits.

20: Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes is great in the ring.  The promos could use a little work.  I'm not saying he is horrible on the mic but it isn't as eye-catching as you would see with some of the mid carders in the company.

    His feud with Daniel Bryan can help his progress towards the main event but Rhodes does have some more work to be done.

19: Mason Ryan

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    Batista 2.0...I mean, Mason Ryan doesn't talk much but backs it up with brute strength, and having CM Punk at his side will allow him to grow as a WWE Superstar.

    There isn't much to say about Ryan at this point, but as time progresses, look for him to be an imposing force, and don't count out the possibility of a mutiny within the New Nexus that allows Ryan to reach that next level.

18: Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley has some work to be done but his time with the Miz will only get him into the main event scene.  Riley is great on the mic and has shown that he can hold his own against the WWE's best.

    Look for his match with Miz to be a stepping stone for a budding world-class Superstar.  He is already over with the crowd, we will have to see how long that lasts before I make a good judgment on this former NXT rookie but so far, so good.

17: Daniel Bryan

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    One of the more underrated Superstars in the WWE, Daniel Bryan's feud with Cody Rhodes can develop into something that will benefit both down the road. 

    Bryan looks to be getting some great airtime over on SmackDown, and he just keeps winning.

    It is a lot better than being fought over by the Bella Twins and Gail Kim on RAW (though, who could blame him there?).

16: Kane

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    As much as I want to rank him higher, Kane sits at No. 16 after being stuck in a tag team scenario once again.

    A little under a year ago, Kane would have been a top 3 wrestler on this list as the WWE finally gave him a much deserved World Title run, his first title reign since his one-day reign in 1998.

    Kane can move up this list with a program with Alberto Del Rio, and it seems to be going that way.

15: Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston are in the middle of a feud over the US Title. Ziggler ranks where he is due to his mouthpiece, Vickie Guerrero, hyping him up.

    The former World Champion is a great worker in the ring and will have to re-establish himself to a new audience as a recent draft pick to RAW.

14: Evan Bourne

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    Air Bourne has entered at No. 14.  Evan Bourne is on his way to becoming as big of an underdog main event story like Rey Mysterio.  Since returning from injury in February, Bourne has been on a roll.

    His feud with Jack Swagger is finally getting legs under it, and this will only be good for Bourne's credibility in the ring, especially his roll-up win a couple of weeks ago.

13: Ezekiel Jackson

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    The last ECW Champion has had an awesome feud with his former mates in The Corre. 

    Jackson should be the next Intercontinental Champion and will further establish himself as a monster on SmackDown with that belt.

    Expect big things coming from Big Zeke by WrestleMania.

12: Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston will not be a main event guy for a while.  He looks to be solidifying himself as a top-notch mid-card talent as the United States Champion.

    His feud with Randy Orton a while back has really provided a spark and allows him to get over with the crowd.  It also allows his opponent to receive instant credibility for getting a victory over him.

    The title he holds now also gets him great airtime, but with so many guys in the main event hunt, Kingston sits tight at No. 12.

11: Jack Swagger

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    Do you remember his World Title reign?  Neither did I.  He received tons of airtime in the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler feud but has been resorted to main event jobber on RAW.

    It looks like his feud with Evan Bourne is getting good reviews so far, so that could get Swagger back into WWE Title talk by year's end.

10: Wade Barrett

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    The current Intercontinental Champion has a great program going with Ezekiel Jackson and is slowly moving away from The Corre.  Barrett has main event potential, but will have to wait in line after his program with Jackson to get there.

    The Corre should be done shortly, as we have seen Barrett leaving the others to get beaten on several occasions.

    Both Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater didn't make the list, they have better futures without being in the shadow of Barrett...well, maybe Gabriel. 

    Slater will probably get sent back to FCW when all is said and done.  Barrett rounds out the top 10.

9: Rey Mysterio

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    Getting put into another filler match with CM Punk may look bad on Mysterio but he always delivers whenever he is in the ring.  Mysterio has been one of the more consistent wrestlers in the company, even coming back from several knee operations.

    What will Mysterio be used for next?  Another program with CM Punk wouldn't be a bad thing, but I feel as if WWE exhausted that for all its worth last year when the two were members of SmackDown.  Anyway, Mysterio's stock stays up for making the best of tough situations, like he always does.

8: Sheamus

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    Sheamus has to be No. 3 on the depth charts for SmackDown right now.  He is an excellent worker and only sits at No. 8 because of the abundance of quality workers being pushed on RAW. 

    Coming off a World Title match loss last Friday, Sheamus still looked good, as Christian cost Sheamus the belt with his partial refereeing.

    Could we see Sheamus get another shot at the belt at Capitol Punishment or will WWE go with the 1-on-1 encounter between Christian and Randy Orton?  Could it be a triple threat match?  We will soon find out.

7: CM Punk

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    The leader of the New Nexus has been the best worker for a while.  He isn't being used to his full potential at this point due to the WWE trying to establish new main-event caliber stars, so Punk sits at No. 7.

    His work with Mysterio has been amazing, and the matches these past couple of weeks on RAW are a testament to that statement.

    We are not too sure of the plans for Punk at this point but whatever it is, he will have his trusty New Nexus buddies by his side to provide backup and heat from the crowd.

6: The Miz

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    Miz has fallen down the list after losing the belt at Extreme Rules.  This was in order to make room for the new feuds coming into the picture, but Miz is still significant enough to challenge for the WWE Title at any point.

    He just has his former protege, Alex Riley, to deal with and it could go past Capitol Punishment.  The Miz is awesome! (Had to get that in there.)

5: Christian

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    We all know Christian had the talent to be champion.  He has had plenty of road blocks in his way (namely Vince McMahon) but Christian finally passed that barrier and became World Champion at Extreme Rules.

    Of course, he lost the belt to Randy Orton the following Friday but it did start up a great feud for the next little while and with Christian hitting Orton with the belt last Friday, a heel turn is in store for Captain Charisma.

    I see Christian and Orton going at it as early as Capitol Punishment and with different circumstances than their match at Over the Limit, expect fireworks.

    You have to respect the patience that Christian has to wait this long for a full fledged main event push.  Some will claim he wouldn't be there if Edge were still around, but this couldn't have happened to a better guy.

4: R-Truth

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    What a difference a heel turn makes!  R-Truth has found his calling, and his transition to the main event scene cannot have come sooner.

    As a face, R-Truth was a joke.  He was never taken seriously by the fans and he was a mid carder, at best.

    Since turning heel, he has been one of the best guys going and will challenge Cena for the WWE Title at Capitol Punishment.

    It may be a filler for what WWE has planned next for Cena but a step in the main event picture for R-Truth is a lot better than staying face and fighting in RAW's main event once every few months.

3: Alberto Del Rio

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    He is the best thing going right now and Del Rio isn't getting any respect for it.  Promo after promo, Del Rio is just building towards something big and I believe he will be the next one to challenge Cena for the title, granted, Cena gets past R-Truth, which he will.

    His swagger in the ring, his ability and the heat he receives anytime he enters the arena is all working in his favour.

    I'll never compare him to the late-great Eddie Guerrero but he definitely reminds me of Eddie at times, and that includes coming to the ring in an expensive car.

    Watch for his feud with Big Show and Kane to fizzle out after Capitol Punishment and Del Rio to move on.

2: Randy Orton

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    Ever since going to SmackDown, Randy Orton has been the most dominant Superstar in the WWE not named John Cena.  He is the current World Heavyweight Champion and is in a hot feud with Christian at this point.

    Expect an announcement coming up shortly on his Capitol Punishment plans but the World Champion slithers to No. 2.

1: John Cena

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    He is the current WWE Champion and the unanimous face of the WWE.

    John Cena may have a lot of haters, but you can't question his work ethic and his ability to keep people watching, whether it is on the mic or in a match.

    As long as he is the champ, he will be No. 1 on any WWE power ranking and on this ranking as well.  He should have no issue with R-Truth at Capitol Punishment and continue his reign as champion.