Fantasy Football Hot Sauce Vol. I

Dan BentonCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2008

By Hugh Duckwall (Screaming Sports)

For the first issue of NFL Hot Sauce, we take a look at week eight of the NFL schedule.

Not only are fantasy football owners losing the services of the studs they have on their rosters who are in the midst of the week eight byes, but significant injuries, suspensions, and just plain benching's also are subtracting talented producers from the fantasy world this week.

Some of the most significant fantasy losses will be documented in the notes that follow, as well as a couple of the hottest issues that have surfaced this week in the soap opera world of the NFL.

Rumors and reports are coming to full light over bounty remarks that budding genius Terrell Suggs of the Ravens made concerning bounties that the Ravens reportedly had on Pittsburgh's Rashard Mendenhall, who happened to leave the Steelers most recent game against the Ravens with a fractured shoulder, and Hines Ward, who the Ravens feels plays on the line between cheap and illegal ... plus the minor fact that he is one of the most productive receivers in the pro game presently.

The higher offices of the NFL are in the midst of ciphering out the details of this situation, looking to fines, suspensions, and other penalties to be levied if truth proves that the Raven's actually had in place bounties (rewards) for injuring and removing from the game Steelers players (and they play each other again on December 14).

The fantasy impact will be that if players are suspended, for how long, and finally how long will Mendenhall's services actually be lost to the Steelers (and fantasy owners that drafted him)?

On the reality front, if the Ravens can do it, how do the other teams follow suit in a fair and equitable manner, and who will negotiate the values that each teams will have to pay on their opponents best players' heads each week?

With Toronto (Buffalo Bills) now entering the world of the NFL soap opera (and hunting expeditions?) will Canadian money be accepted as par? Will the bigger market teams (Dallas and Jerry Jones, who would NEVER think of violating marketing agreements with the NFL) have more money to spend for their own version of bounty hunters and hunted?

Wow, and the NFL is worried about fan behavior in the stands? Maybe the "Dogs" should be kenneled on the field, and possibly Commissioner Goodell might have to make the NFL player Code of Conduct a little more biting (to turn a phrase)! It will remain to be seen if any players face suspension now or after the next rematch of the Ravens-Steelers. Also, it will seem that if it is hands off Ward, then look for him to explode that day for fantasy results.

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