WWE Through Kaleidoscope: A Look at the Straight Edge Superstar CM Punk

RiZESenior Writer IJune 8, 2011

CM Punk, arguably the all around best Superstar in the WWE today, has become the center of a vast amount of attention as of late.

If you disagree with my notion, observe the traits that make up a great WWE Superstar.

Charisma, in ring ability, and mic skills are the traits that each WWE Superstar should possess.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, he is the best mic worker in the company today. He has that ease which comes only to the exceptional mic workers. No matter what kind of promo he is given to cut, he does it well.

Charisma comes spontaneous with the character known as CM Punk. The demented demeanor along with the numerous tattoos and straight edge references are examples.

I shall be the first to admit that his ring work is overrated by the Internet Wrestling Community. But that doesn’t take away the fact that he does do a good job at it. The most striking feature about his style is that it is so remarkably different from everyone else’s in the WWE.

It reeks of the independent leagues. That is probably why the IWC seems to be so fascinated with it. I personally am a huge fan of the independents, so that must be why I can appreciate it more than others.

It’s safe to say that CM Punk excels at each aspect of being a great WWE Superstar.

Despite this, CM Punk has been on the receiving end of irregular treatment by WWE Management. We can’t deny the fact that Punk’s booking as of late has been disgusting considering the significance of his character/ability.

To put it simply, CM Punk is being buried by WWE Management.

While Punk’s treatment is unfair and illogical in the eyes of the IWC, the WWE’s actions can be summed up with one word.


As of late, CM Punk has been the subject of numerous dirt sheet rumors. Each site has reported the same story of Punk’s intentions to leave the WWE when his contract it up. To his credit, the primary reason for his departure is burnout.

I will be the first to say I understand Punk’s reasoning. The strenuous schedule of a WWE Superstar can be overwhelming at times. The result has been drugs, performance enhancers, and most of all, serious injury to a Superstar.

Other rumors have consisted of his status and the attempts by the WWE to secure the rights to his name.

Once again, I believe Punk should retain the rights to his ring name. I also believe Punk should be ahead of The Miz and Alberto Del Rio when it comes to receiving a push.

Then again, as a logical WWE fan, I can’t express anger towards the WWE for its actions.

The WWE is a business. When one of its biggest stars refuses to oblige with demands which will ultimately cost the business, it’s only intelligent to drop the Superstar down a few notches.

Let’s discuss CM Punk’s last two years in the WWE shall we?

Since 2010, CM Punk has received a lackluster response from Internet Wrestling Fans. Punk became the WWE’s Top heel in a matter of weeks in 2009. His feud with Jeff Hardy is probably the best of the PG Era.

Subsequent feuds with Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, and Big Show sliced Punk’s credibility in half.

The loss of his trademark hair and the embarrassment of wearing a hideous mask exposed the naked truth.

CM Punk was becoming a laughing stock.

This was a direct result of the WWE’s booking.

Any one could’ve easily ranked Punk the biggest disappointment of 2010 along with the SES.

A trade to RAW and the disbandment of the Straight Edge Society sparked the rejuvenation of CM Punk.

The end of 2010 saw Punk’s swift reemergence. As the new leader of Nexus, CM Punk was undoubtedly the WWE’s Top heel Superstar. The feud with John Cena was a proper bonus but can easily be labeled overkill.

As the months passed, the feud with Cena ended and Punk was once again returned to a familiar position.

On the mat, having just lost a match, staring at the ceiling lights as if he were to say “not again”

WrestleMania 27 was bittersweet for me (and Punk for that matter). Months before, I predicted the Punk/Orton feud and wasn’t surprised at the outcome.

Despite my personal convictions, Randy Orton is the 2nd biggest star in the WWE.

It wouldn’t make sense to have a departing Superstar defeat one of its top superstars.

Now Punk’s trapped dragging around Superstars unworthy of facing him in a match. The New Nexus (and Punk for that matter) has lost its credibility since the feud with Orton. Punk’s mistreatment has led the IWC to adopt him as its latest love child.

The mere fact that Orton is one of the most despised wrestlers in the IWC, the hatred for Orton poured gas on the fire when it comes to CM Punk.

At this point in time, the WWE needs CM Punk. The main event scene is seriously lacking. Shawn Michaels, Batista, Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy, Edge, and possibly, Triple H, and Undertaker have departed the squared circle.

Each Superstar left the WWE as a main event talent.

This effectively proves the point that the WWE has a relatively small amount of main event superstars.

A talent the level of CM Punk comes once a generation.

The question is should the WWE punish CM Punk for his rebellious behavior?

From a fans standpoint, no they should not.  The WWE should utilize its efforts to secure Punk’s place in the company. Simply, Vince should exhaust every option to retain this superstar. From a logical fans standpoint, the WWE is correct for cutting Punk’s credibility.

A company the level of the WWE can’t allow a major attraction to leave with a large amount of credibility.

Just ask Jeff Hardy or Chris Jericho.

Whatever Punks decision may be, there’s a huge base of followers begging the Messiah to stay and save us from the obscurity the WWE feeds us with on a weekly basis.

To quote a friend “CM Punk has this tendency to be better than you, all the time”


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