TNA: The Alienation of a Fan and the Reason Why I'm Done with the Company

Alex BakerCorrespondent IIIJune 8, 2011

Let me start off by giving a little background, to give you guys a little dating on myself as a wrestling fan.

I was first introduced to wrestling by my uncle in Boston. When I used to visit, he and I would sit down and watch his favorite wrestling show, Extreme Championship Wrestling. I loved it, The Dudley's were the first people I marked for, Sandman was the man, Tommy Dreamer symbolized the underdog, everything about it made me the wrestling fan I am today. 

From there I watched the rise and fall of both WCW and my beloved ECW, the Attitude Era, Stone Cold not quitting against Hart, the two TLC Tag Matches that revolutionized tag-team wrestling, the rise of John Cena and the PG era, for all that and more, I was there.

In 2005 I started watching TNA. I bought the PPV's, I went to some shows, I supported the brand saying this could be an alternative to the WWE, not because I dislike the WWE, but because competition causes companies to be their best and a monopoly is never a good thing.

One of the greatest TNA moments I can remember is when Christian became TNA champion for the first time by pinning Jeff Jarrett. (It was like a toned-down version of his win at Extreme Rules if you didn't see it)

Through the years I watched and gave you my money because I liked your product, but that ends here and now. I no longer enjoy the product you're producing and I'm taking all my money that I was giving to you guys and going to Ring of Honor and the reason is simple: because they actually care about the industry.

This has been coming a long time and recent events haven't exactly helped at all. Eric Bischoff is very good at what he does, and that's being wrestling's biggest asshole. His comments as of late have struck me as odd, he's been going after the IWC harder then I've ever seen. The reason is simple: he's trying to get us back to watching it.

Bischoff is a smart man, he knows that if he pushes the right buttons and says the right things TNA's ratings will skyrocket. Any publicity is good publicity after all. By insulting the IWC and TNA fans he can stir up the bee's nest and bring old fans back over, hell I'm helping him by writing this article. But here's the thing Eric, I've seen it all before, this storyline has been redone so many times it just leaves me standing there saying "Really?" when you guys do it again.

Your answer last night on Twitter to the question "Why are you insulting fans?" made that all too clear. Your answer was "Because I can." That is so obviously staged that it hurts my head trying to think that anyone out there believed this farce for a second. Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan and yourself killed WCW and now your doing it again with TNA and I'm not going to ride this Titanic, I've done it twice before with ECW and WCW.

This is just like you and Russo to think you can pull the wool over the eyes of us Smarks and then throw a big swerve to tie it up in one crazy package. You guys think what didn't work in the 90's will work now, it's amazing. I'm almost positive Russo not only doesn't realize WCW went out of business, but that he's in a completely different company now, and Hogan thinks that just because he puts his seal of approval on it, it's grade-A filet mignon when it's chop steak, it's ridiculous. 

I mean for all my complaining about the WWE at least they can put on a halfway-decent PPV, you guys send a man high as The Hubble out there and throw together a two-minute match that felt like the Jarrett/Hogan match back in the day. There's no reason for me to pay money to see a mockery of the business. The worst mistake the company ever did was fire Jim Cornette, because even if you don't like the guy (and how any wrestling fan could not like him baffles me), at least he held Russo in check at Head Creative, now he has full luxury to have all the terrible storylines and gimmicks he wants.

I mean my god, how long exactly will the power struggle continue? Who controls TNA, is it Hogan, Bischoff, Foley, Super Dragon, John Cena, THE YET-TAY!!!!, Zack Ryder, The Cobra, WHO CARES ANYMORE? I mean who in their right mind is still watching this one year after this angle started, oh right, ME. But no more, consider this my formal resignation as a TNA mark.

Also lets not forget about Hulk Hogan, BROTHER! The man that decided to bring back everyone's favorite Tag Team, The Nasty Boys, BROTHER! The man who created backstage politics in wrestling, BROTHER! DIXIE, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA STEALS YOUR COMPANY AND BANKRUPTS ALL OVER YOU, BROTHER!

TNA has all the young guys in the world, talented in the ring, great on the mic, able to wrestle in any setup for the fans and all you guys want to focus on is Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, Foley and the rest of the retirement home, it's sad. I feel bad for Matt Morgan who in back-to-back weeks has been pinned by Jeff Jarrett and Scott "Steroids" Steiner, way to go TNA, way to kill one of your best future stars.

Let me add one more thing, $10 says in the next few weeks Bischoff starts calling out the IWC on live TV in promos.

I mean will you guys ever realize that your PPV buy rates are so bad because your product sucks? Do you realize that it was the IWC that made you who you are today? Do you even care? The answer to all these questions is a plain and simple NO.

Don't get me wrong I still want TNA to do well, I don't wish bad on any company, but the facts speak for themselves, your ratings and your buy rates suck. There is no way you'll ever compete with the WWE and ROH's TV deal, which is going to eat away at your already small fanbase if your product doesn't improve. 

So that's it, I wash my hands of this company, like LeBron James I've decided to take my talents to South Beach, but in this case South Beach is Ring of Honor and my talents are my hard-earned dollars. At least there I can watch five-star matches, great use of young talent and a creative team that doesn't have their heads in a portal to ECW on TNN in 1999.

I want TNA to do well, but my part in that is over. Best of Luck to them and I'll be nice in this messy divorce, they can have the dog. In all honesty thought, I can see TNA being out of business in the next two years, and some dumbass wrestling fan like you or I will look back and think what a tragedy, a great product that created wrestlers like AJ Styles and Matt Morgan and Beer Money, became another victim of poor booking and bad management, and that's just the sad truth about it.


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