Scoff with the Off: Catching Up with the Good and Bad of the WWE

Matt OffermannCorrespondent IJune 9, 2011

What is up, bleachers?

I have been gone helping with the floods around where I live, and I am glad to finally say that the off is back.

During my departure, a lot of things have happened. From what I have seen (and I may be wrong because I haven't heard anything about it), apparently the PG era is over,  The Rock has not kept his word, and my favorite wrestler finally won the world title, but when I got the chance to tune in to see him, he lost it.

So I didn't really miss much, but I'm back and ready to be better than ever, so let's get to it.

For the return of Scoff with the Off, I thought it would be a good idea to go over stuff that was supposed to happen or didn't happen that should have.




Where In The Hell Is Master's Push?

 Before the Royal Rumble, it was said that Chris Masters would be getting a push. From what I have seen, it is more of a push out the door than a legit push. What I don't get is why it would seem like a bad idea to push him. He held his own (in my opinion) when he was a heel doing the Masterlock challenge.


What do a lawyer and The Rock have in common?

  Lies. I remember a heartfelt speech about how " FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME.....HOME" and how he would never leave us again, and like a naive six-year-old, I actually believed him. The first couple of weeks were pretty cool leading up to Wrestlemania, and even after it, he was still around, but slowly, Rock has been moving out of sight once more. I get that he is great in Hollywood and could bank way more from doing so, and I would do the same too. The one thing I would not have done is made that promise, though; that's bush league, Rock.


Christian Wins the World Title!!!!!       

Ordinarily, reading this caption would have sent me into an awesome frenzy, and it did when I heard about it. The sad thing was two weeks later Randy Orton was holding the belt. I get that it was probably a miracle in the first place to make Vince even agree to it, but all he really did was kick Christian in the balls, mule kick style. Christian has given pretty much his entire life for wrestling, and that's how you repay him?  I would have much rather been writing this article about how he still deserves a title than giving him one for almost a week. FUV!!


Kharma gets Kharma

 The one thing, or rather one person, that would have brought some light back to the broken diva division that has the Bellas as the champions was Kharma. For a few weeks, she decimated the Diva roster, and right when things looked like they were about to get interesting, she cries, then leaves the following week. I understand why she left, and I don't blame her, but shouldn't the WWE do a little better job with the doctor's stuff before they wrestle?


WWE Tough Enough Winner

I am going to keep this one short. Andy? Really? Really? Even if Luke's match wasn't as good as Andy's, the skills all along is what should count. Luke had a Miz/04 Christian heel thing going for him, and I thought that was a no brainer. I give Andy one year that they give for the show and then we never see hm again.





A long overdue turn for a great up-and-coming superstar in Alex Riley was having him turn on Miz. He looked so powerful doing it too, and on top of that, the crowd loved ever second of it.


Sin Cara

 Words can't even describe this guy. Amazing is not even close. I look to see excellent things from Sin Cara very soon.

Sorry if this piece was not the best one I have written, just getting the rust out. Also, I apologize if some of this stuff is old; it's new to me.

So, what do you guys think?

Off Out!!