NBA Trade Rumors: Is Your Team Set to Make a Change?

Steven DeAngelisContributor IJanuary 22, 2008

It's getting close to that time in the season where fans get impatient with their team's status.

Thoughts of the blockbuster trade that will hopefully swing the momentum take over. This is when the "What Ifs" turn into exciting headlines and bring people back to the stadium seats.

In my attempt to stir things up, I will throw out some of the rumors swirling throughout the league...for the sake of argument.

Detroit Pistons

The franchise has been tossing around the idea of trading away the untapped talent of Ronald 'Flip' Murray. I say please do. This poor guy has been patiently awaiting a more legitimate role and might carry enough value to obtain a decent Draft pick in return.

Another piece of trade meat is undoubtedly Primoz Brezec. Although he has some proven talent, I believe he would be a suitable man to trade and receive a second round pick in return for. Either move would consequently open up a spot on the jammed roster—a slot to accommodate C Web perhaps.

Pull the trigger Detroit, please.

Charlotte Bobcats

Sam Vincent has reported to the papers that he is happy with his team's current situation. Honestly though, production on this team is pretty much maxed. In December and January J Rich and Gerald Wallace have been wowing Fantasy owners, unlike teammate Emeka Okafor.

This team is falling out of the playoff picture. I'd say it's now or the offseason. Go get a point guard or maybe a real forward? (No offense intended Gerald).

Utah Jazz

Word has it Utah is considering the need for a real center...Amen. The only man on the team who averages a block is the busy-doing-not-enough-of-everything man: AK. I am not sure who to place in the slot, but Millsap and Collins (bless their hearts) aren't going to fill the role.

I know it's not realistic, but I would love to see a Samuel Dalembert in this role—a guy who always cleans up the boards, blocks the shots, and can be a third or fourth scoring option. Just imagine, Deron Williams might be able to conduct a bit more fast break action with someone else down low to consistently grab boards.

That's all I have for now. I would make an attempt at the NY Knicks or NJ Nets, but it bores me. If nothing changes on those fronts, I will have to agree with Jason Kidd and his "doomed to mediocrity" statement.