UFC 131: Donald Cerrone Partners with Revgear, Talks Importance of Sponsors

Todd JacksonSenior Analyst IJune 7, 2011

LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 15:  UFC fighter Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone arrives at UFC, Famous Stars and Straps and New Era's 'The Magic Party' at XS the nightclub on February 15, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Lightweight mixed martial artist Donald Cerrone is looking to make a home for himself under the UFC banner much like he had under the former WEC brand. Fighting in the WEC, the Greg Jackson trained athlete had made quite a reputation for himself as a scrappy competitor always willing and ready for war.

More often than not he came out on top.

When the UFC absorbed its counter part the WEC, many of the world's greatest fighters were welcomed into their respective UFC divisions. Cerrone is one who has not wasted that opportunity.

A five-time winner of WEC Fight Of The Night honors, and winner of Sherdog's Fight Of The Year honors in '09, “The Cowboy” as he is known, is no stranger to stunning fight fans with displays of all out war inside the cage.

Win, lose or draw Cerrone is always involved in exciting bouts, his fighting style is extremely fan friendly. Such is obvious when MMA enthusiasts gaze at his 70 percent finish ratio over eighteen fights. The MMA community appreciates such a fighter, just ask MMA legend Wanderlei Silva.

With a such a stunning track record in the WEC it comes as no surprise that Cerrone's UFC debut once again saw him win Fight Of The Night honors in his war with Paul Kelly. The bottom line is this man stands out from the pack.

There are many extremely talented athletes competing in the sport of MMA. No one finds success in this game on accident. But among the talent, certain fighters prove to be a rare breed, not just athletes, but true warriors.

Cerrone is clearly of that cut of cloth.

With that in mind it is no surprise what so ever to see sponsorship opportunities flooding to “The Cowboy”. With so many options, choosing the right sponsors can be a daunting task for a fighter and their management.

Obviously Cerrone is well known for his affiliations with one of the most recognizable brands in the sport, TapouT. But leading into his UFC 131 bout with Vagner Rocha he has welcomed a new sponsor to the Cerrone family, Revgear.

Revgear makes professional gear for professional fighters. They are an industry leader in combat sports equipment and a welcome addition for Cerrone.

He took some time out to talk about the importance of sponsorships for athletes competing in the fight game. For an aspiring or full time mixed martial artist, sponsors are paramount to success.

“Sponsorships in MMA are how we as fighters are able to make a living. Sponsors like Revgear allow us to train full-time, which in this sport is the only way to be a champion!”

For a fighter, when your sponsor happens to make some of the best training gear in the business, it is a win win situation. Cerrone mentioned the appeal of Revgear products.

“Revgear makes my job as a fighter much easier. Their products are top-notch, and to be able to train with a product that holds up under our training regimen is huge! I would recommend Revgear for anyone serious about their training.”

Speaking of training Cerrone had been slated to face off with Mac Danzig but unfortunately Danzig was injured and forced to pull out with less than a month before fight night. This forced Cerrone to accept a new opponent on short notice. He is now focused on the dangerous submission expert Rocha.

With some turbulence brewing between “The Cowboy” and Danzig, Cerrone was asked if he would pursue that match up in the future to settle any differences the two may have. He has moved on and is looking forward for the time being though.

“Right now, I’m just taking it fight by fight. There are so many top fights out there right now that I’m content with fighting the next guy the UFC wants me to fight.”

That sounds about par for the course for Cerrone. Dana White and Joe Silva, just tell me when and where to be and I will mix it up with any lightweight you can find to cage me up with. And that is exactly what the UFC is looking for.

Not only will he fight anyone, but he will more than likely also do very well against them. Never one to back down, always lethal in any situation, a great gamesmen and showmen, just a complete mixed martial artist in every single facet is Donald Cerrone.

Much like his time spent fighting for the WEC, his UFC future is incredibly bright indeed.

No wonder Revgear was is so proud to stand behind him and sponsor this athlete as he furthers his warrior's reputation and his impressive MMA career under the brightest lights on the biggest stage this sport has ever known.


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