MMA Knockout of the Day: Steve Lopez Gets a Nice Taste of Justin Buchholz's Foot

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At Superior Cage Combat 1, a lightweight bout of Justin Buchholz vs. Steve Lopez might have produced one of the best knockouts of the year outside of the UFC.

It was here that the UFC veteran and Alaskan-born Buchholz landed a spectacular knockout blow in the midst of what has been a ton of amazing knockouts inside the UFC.

Buchholz was coming off a first-round submission victory against Steve Sharp and was already in the third round of his bout with Lopez when the knockout happened. 

With about 30 seconds left in the fight, Buchholz lets go a high kick that Lopez easily shakes off. Then, just as the announcer says Lopez needs to do something big to win the fight, Buchholz comes in and channels his inner Anderson Silva and delivers a shot to the face of Lopez.

The kick instantly sends Lopez to the mat with what seems to be a broken nose as he bleeds while down on the mat. The last thing Lopez saw (and tasted) was the foot of Buchholz coming right toward him. Imagine being Lopez and just before you get knocked out, seeing that.

After this fight Buchholz has yet to face anyone, but he has fought a coconut and showed it who was boss

Just to point this out, Buchholz didn't do this against some lame fighter either. Lopez is a former UFC fighter, so it isn't like he KO'd some nobody. Lopez also has yet to have his next opponent named.

What do you expect? This fight occurred a month ago!

If you have any suggestions for the next KO of the Day, please post them in the comments. Would love to have the readers start getting into this.

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