Good on Ya: A Personal Note to Tottenham Hotspur

Brad SimkuletSenior Analyst IJanuary 22, 2008

No excuses. No whining.

I hate Tottenham as any good Gooner does, but I also have enough honor and integrity that I can make an honest assessment of what I have seen.

Tottenham Hotspur thoroughly whooped Arsenal tonight at White Hart Lane and they deserved every goal they got.

Player selection be damned. Tottenham beat a strong Arsenal starting squad that included Gallas, Hleb, Sagna, Bendtner, and Walcott (who continues to disappoint).

Injured defense be damned. Tottenham made Arsenal's defense look bad through their exceptional strength on the counterattack and injuries to Djourou and Senderos can be no excuse. The simple truth is that Gallas and Hoyte simply couldn't handle the Spur's speed and cutting edge—and they paid for it five times.

Big stars be damned. Fabregas, Adebayor, and Eduardo were either shut down by Tottenham or came on too late to make a difference. 

Poor play all around be damned. Arsenal didn't play terribly. In fact, a couple of Arsenal players still impressed. Diaby had a solid game in midfield, Gilberto had his best game of the season, and even Bendtner played well despite the own goal. Tottenham were just that good. And congratulations to them for being so. 

Tottenham outplayed Arsenal at every turn (much as Arsenal did against Birmingham two Saturdays ago) and they deserve their trip to Wembley. 

One other important note: Arsene Wenger needs to take a serious look at his players. There is no question that the Gunners have incredible team spirit and a love for one another, but this team of youngsters is making a habit of losing the plot in big games.

Some of these players lost to Barcelona in the Champions League Final two years ago. Most of them lost to Chelsea in the League Cup Final last year. And they lost again tonight to Tottenham Hotspur in an intense semi-final.

This team doesn't just need to win a trophy to prove they are great. They need to win a trophy for themselves so they can prove that they know how how to win. So far they are great at almost getting there. Now Arsenal need to really get there.

All I have left to say is, "Go Everton! Go Chelsea!"

It won't be the same as an Arsenal victory over the Spurs, but at this point I'll take anything I can get.