Minnesota Twins Among Winners on Day One of 2011 MLB Entry Draft

Matt BuschCorrespondent IIIJune 7, 2011

Day one of the MLB draft Monday brought surprises very early on when Seattle went ultra safe with the second overall pick by selecting Danny Hultzen, a LHP out of Virginia over the consensus pick at that spot, 3B Anthony Rendon out of Rice. 

This selection sent the draft into an unexpected course which led to highly rated prospects slipping to teams later in the draft.

The Minnesota Twins were beneficiaries of the chaos as they were able to select three players much later in the draft then they were originally projected to go. 

The Twins' first pick came at selection 30. The Twins opted for University of North Carolina SS, Levi Michael. Michael was rated by ESPN's Keith Law as the 22nd best player in the draft. He is a switch-hitter with a plus bat. He is solid defensively and projects to stay at SS and be a solid, everyday player.

This pick was against the norm for the Twins. The Twins have almost ritually drafted college pitchers and prep outfields for the better part of the decade in the first rounds of drafts. The last time the Twins selected a college hitter in the first round of a draft was all the way back in 1997 when they selected Matthew Lecroy.

The Twins were able to continue finding talent above their draft order when they selected Travis Harrison with the 50th pick, yet another against the grain pick for the Twins.

Harrison, a high school third baseman out of California, was one of the best power hitters in this draft. Harrison can also hit for average and was the 36th ranked player in the draft by Keith Law. Harrison may have slipped this far due to his below average defensive abilities and his more then likely move to 1B. The Twins overlooked those issues and could have found themselves a middle of the order bat in four or five seasons.

With the 55th pick, the Twins snatched up Hudson Boyd, a big (6'2", 235 lbs) high school RHP out of Florida. Boyd, the 40th ranked prospect by Keith Law, has two major league ready pitches. He has a fastball that sits in the mid-nineties that keeps its velocity in the late innings and a plus curveball as well that sits in the mid to high seventies.

The development of a third pitch will be the deciding factor on the ceiling of Boyd. He currently throws a change-up which needs some work. If he develops, the Twins may have a future number two or three starter. If he doesn't develop the third pitch, Boyd could still be an effective reliever, where some have projected him to end up. 

So overall, the Twins drafted 37 spots above their draft order according to Keith Law's rankings.

Day One Grade: B+