Worst Officiating by Home Plate Umpire in Fall Classic Ever

Will ShafferCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

How does one umpire blow so many calls in one of the most important games of the year?

First there was the strike the home plate umpire clearly called strike three on a check swing, and then just- changed his mind and awarded the hitter first base.

Throughout the game it was clear that the Rays pitchers had a much bigger plate to work with than the Phillies pitchers were. I can't even count how many pitches on the line of the opposite batters box got called for strikes with Phillies up, but I can count how many the Phillies pitchers got. Zero.

One of my favorites tonight was when Chase Utley went to field a pop up in shallow right field and nearly ran into the second base umpire standing right behind him.

The icing on top of the cake was Jimmy Rollins clearly being grazed on the uniform by a pitch in the top of the ninth that, surprise surprise, was not called. Does the umpire just not remember that getting hit on the uniform is the same as being hit by a pitch? Or did he just forget how to see where a ball goes before it reaches the catchers glove?

These are game changing calls that makes one question the home plate umpire's ability to call a game properly. One or two of these mistakes is excusable, but the regularity of them throughout this game makes me personally wonder who bought this guy off and for how much.

Umpires and MLB officials should watch the replay of this game tonight and be ashamed of themselves. The umpire behind home plate for obvious reasons, and the MLB officials for being the ones who hired this guy.

Granted, the Phillies squandered a million opportunities to score this evening, but it makes it that much harder for a team who's slumping with runners in scoring position to hit when they have to worry about pitches in the other batters box getting called for strikes. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the hitters have to swing at bad pitches in order to protect from being struck out, and then when they get good pitches to hit they can't hit them because their zone is messed up from expecting to have to swing at junk outside the strikezone.

What I'm confused about is the Phillies lack of anger and arguement over such blatent mistakes. Did they even care? Or are they so calm and cool that they honestly felt it shouldn't matter? It's all part of the game I guess, but in reality it shouldn't be.