WWE/TNA: Wrestling Matters to WWE; Wrestling Does NOT Matter to Impact Wrestling

LewisAnalyst IIIJune 7, 2011

Impact Wrestling—Wrestling matters—that line means absolutely nothing.

Since Impact Wrestling debuted, barely any Wrestling matches have caught my attention on that show, however TNA/Impact Wrestling competitor WWE have indicated Wrestling matters by actually displaying great matches on television since Impact Wrestling.

The matches:

From the top of my head, these are the following matches that I remember recently being decent matches on RAW and Smackdown - 

Christian Vs Randy Orton - World Championship match 

Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk - Last Week Monday Night RAW

Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk - This Weeks Monday Night RAW

Sin Cara Vs. Chavo Guerrero - Smackdown

Cody Rhodes Vs. Daniel Bryan - Smackdown

John Cena And Alex Riley Vs R-Truth and The Miz with Stone Cold Steve Austin (entertaining match) - RAW

Booker T Vs. Jack Swagger (loved seeing Booker T back in the ring)

And the following are memorable matches that have happened on Impact Wrestling: 

Eric Young Vs. Gunner - reference to Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash finger-poke of doom

Kurt Angle Vs. Rob Van Dam

(The June 2nd edition of Impact Wrestling is airing tonight, so I don't know if there was anything noteworthy to mention)

See my point? 

I really haven't been into any TNA feuds since the beginning of 2011. The only feud which has is the Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett, but even that seems to be running out of steam.

Wrestling doesn't matter on TNA/Impact Wrestling, do all the re-branding you want whilst WWE actually takes a kick at you as they are doing what you claim to be achieving.


TNA/Impact Wrestling viewpoint

Eric Bischoff recently tweeted the following-

"Seems like 90% of the audience loves what the loudest 10% hates. So who really matters?"

Eazy E would probably ridicule me as part of the 10 percent, but I don't have anything against Eric. In fact I'm glad he is in TNA because he understands the business and television aspect of things which is great for TNA.

But come on, even he must be able to see WWE are getting millions (and millions) of viewers even though producing actual Wrestling on the show whereas Impact Wrestling are doing backstage skits, promos and some other things just to garner a few extra fans.

What makes me laugh is he then stated, "The 10%er's can't get over the fact that they are irrelevant. Ratings don't lie. Research doesn't lie. IWC smarks need to get over it."

Well, WWE Smackdown is known for the wrestling and got more viewers.

According to ewrestlingnews.com, WWE Smackdown received viewings of 2,660,000 whilst Impact Wrestling on June 2nd had 1,452,000 viewers according to this source.

Mr Bishcoff, I've done that small research, it speaks for itself.

Eric then posted, 

Sure that's good news, but come on. The non-advertised wrestling show (Smackdown) got more viewers than the so-called Wrestling matters show?

I don't want to come off sounding like a huge WWE fan and belittle TNA/Impact Wrestling because I love the memories I have of TNA and love some of the guys they brought in (because I was to young to see them in their prime).

TNA/Impact Wrestling have reportedly put on Class A house shows ( I will see for myself when they come to London next year) whist they display mediocre shows on television.

That just baffles my mind.....

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Be on the look out for my article about meeting Kurt Angle in London, Wembley Arena on Saturday.

Side note: Eric Bischoff retweeted a comment about IWC are geeks and need to get laid. I'm getting laid and for that matter, I'm not a geek either.....