Texas' Defense Under Will Muschamp Tough to Beat

Ian GoldbergContributor IOctober 23, 2008

Zac Robinson and his high powered offense are biting their nails this week as they travel to Austin, Texas to face one of the most explosive offenses ever to be seen in the Big XII conference as well as the most intense and fierce defenses Oklahoma State will see all season long.

This new and improved defense under Will Muschamp is fast, smart, and hard hitting. Muschamp is one of the most crazed defensive coordinators in college football today. Coach "boom" will have his defense ready to play against this balanced attack that OSU presents.

A few key players to watch for on Muschamp's defense are:

  • Sergio Kindle - This junior linebacker/defensive end has his eyes set to kill the quarterback. He will be giving Oklahoma States' TE/OT's problems all day long with his constant pressure on the edge. Watch for him to be very disruptive when Zac Robinson tries to throw Half Back screens.
  • Brian Orakpo - Watch for this absolute freak of a defensive end to sack Zac Robinson or at least be in his face all day long. Zac Robinson, as athletic as he is, likes to stay more in the pocket. He seemingly has trouble when he leaves the pocket.
  • Roy Miller - Roy has very quick feet and constantly gives centers loads of problems up the middle. This beast of a D tackle is a force not to be taken lightly.

Quick Hits

  1. Okie state has the sixth ranked rushing attack in the nation which is rare to see in this year's pass-happy Big XII conference.
  2. Texas has the third ranked run defense in the nation giving up about 50 yards on the ground per game. Nobody has been able to rush on Texas' defense so far although they have not faced a running game as good as Oklahoma State's. 
  3. Though Texas's weak point is their pass defense, they have come up big against the stronger teams; i.e. OU/Mizzou.
  4. The constant pressure from Orakpo and Kindle has allowed UT to only rush four, while dropping everyone else back into coverage.
  5. Oklahoma State does have Dez Bryant, who is one hell of a receiver and a big play threat at that. This doesn't seem to matter too much in watching UT's ability to shut down Jeremy Maclin.

The only edge I give to OSU is the fact that they are a extremely balanced team. Every team that UT has played has been a spread offense which have been very pass heavy. Therefore Texas's defense has not had to worry about teams running the ball. Even with DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown OU abandoned the run pretty early on in the game.

Zac Robinson tends to float too many of his passes and he is pretty poor throwing on the run. The edge goes towards Texas' secondary here.

UT has better players and should win the game.  I think that with Colt McCoy, UT can outscore pretty much anyone, and so long as they make a few stops they'll be pretty safe. Everybody knows that football isn't won on sheer talent so this game should be an interesting one. Oklahoma State has always come out fired up against UT in the first half and slowed down in the second half.