Biggest Upset Ever?

John StrauserContributor IOctober 23, 2008

The word upset gets tossed around a lot, esp. in mixed martial arts.  This weekend we could be witnessing the single greatest upset of all time, as Patrick Cote challenges heavy favorite Anderson Silva.

Cote comes into the fight a 7-to-1 underdog, and I cannot believe its even that close.  I fully expected this to be the most lopsided fight odds ever created, and its not even the widest margin on the card!  He is given better odds to win this fight than Junior Dos Santos is of winning his fight against Fabricio Werdum.  Unbelievable.

Cote is fighting the most dominant champion the UFC has ever had, and arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the world.  Anderson Silva has dominated seven different fights in the octagon, without ever seeing a third round.  Meanwhile, 'the Predator' is 4-4 in his UFC appearances, splitting his losses via decision and submission. 

When you hear the word 'upset' in reference to mma I'm sure the first thing you think of is Matt Serra defeating Georges St. Pierre.  Serra came into the fight a 9-to-1 underdog, and knocked out GSP within the first round.  Its like they say, 'Anything can happen in mixed martial arts.'

The thing that I have a hard time swallowing is that according to the odds makers, Patrick Cote has a better chance of beating Anderson Silva than Matt Serra did against Georges St. Pierre.  No way. 

Silva comes into this fight having won all seven of his UFC appearances, all by knockout or submission.  GSP went into his title fight having won seven of his eight appearances, with three of them being decision victories over Karo Pariysan, Jason Miller, and Bj Penn.  His lone loss was a submission defeat to Matt Hughes at UFC 50. 

Patrick Cote is being given a punchers chance in this fight.  A punchers chance against a guy who is considered the best striker in the sport.  A punchers chance against a guy who has never been knocked out.  A punchers chance against a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who trains under the Noguiera brothers. 

Patrick Cote might be given better odds to win this fight than Matt Serra was given, but if he wins this will be the greatest upset of all time.