2008 New York Knicks Season Preview.

Vinny YeagerCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

New GM. New Coach. New Players. New Team.

Here is a season preview on the up and coming team in the Eastern Conference, the New York Knicks.

I will start with a breakdown of each position.

GUARDS: Getting Chris Duhon from the Chicago Bulls is a huge pick up for the Knicks. He is very good with the ball, makes good decisions, and plays decent defense. The "run and gun" style that the Knicks have fits in very well with Duhon's style. If he continues to look good for the rest of the preseason, he should get the starting Point Guard Spot. Can you hear that? Can you see that? Oh, thats just Stephon Star - bury rolling in with his fancy cars, blasting rap music.

Ever since Marbury came to Knicks, he has been headache whether its been not playing hard, not being at practice, or just not deciding to play for no reason. BUT, and i say but, Stephon has looked pretty good being the sixth man off the bench this preseason averaging 9.7 points a game and 3.7 assists a game. That, a little defense, and clamping his mouth shut is all I ask for from Marbury this season. In my opinion, Jamal Crawford is the most under rated player in the entire NBA. The guy puts up fantastic numbers and plays hard for the team and doesn't make the All Star team? That's what I like to call, RIDICULOUS.

His shot is lethal from anywhere on the court and his passing skills are very sharp as well. I feel that Jamal is a "Team First" kind of guy and that's the type of leadership this team needs. The "run and gun" style of offense was made for Nate Robinson. He runs up and down the court with so much energy and brings a lot of passion to the team. He has been much more safer with the ball and his shot is coming around.

Like last year, he should bring a lot of energy when he comes off the bench. Mardy Collins is a very good ball handling Point Guard while Anthony Roberson is a new comer to the team and should provide some solid minutes for the team.

FOWARDS:This is the position on the Knicks that I am really the least concerned about. The depth is there and the skill is there. It just needs to gel together to make a perfect fit. Zach Randolph is a big, powerful guy with some agility and has a great mid range jump shot. Also, when you feed him the ball in the post, he can make some impressive moves to the basket and to get to the foul line. His defense can get a little better and he must work on grabbing more offensive and defensive rebounds. Even if he is labeled as a Foward, Randolph should get the nod as the starting Center.

A guy who doesn't have to work on his rebounding is David Lee. The guy grabs so many, there not "rebounds." They are, "Lee - Bounds." Lee gives the Knicks 20 and 10 every night and plays great defense, even if he gives up some height and weight to his opponents. David's hard work and effort should earn him a starting spot on this Knick team. One of my favorite Knick players is Quentin Richardson. He isn't the biggest, the fastest, or the most skilled on the team, but he just carries himself with a great swagger which should rub off on his team mates. Whenever you watch Q - Rich play, it always seems like he is having fun and having a good time playing the game. When you think about it, isn't that really what it's all about?


He has great height, great speed, and fantastic ball skills. He is an all around player who can play anywhere on the court. He has a nice shot but can also rough it up down low with the big boys and get some points in the paint. Wilson is another guy who brings great passion to the team whenever he steps on the floor. Now to the draft pick. The Italian Stallion - Danilo Gallinari. Some people say that this was a waste of a draft pick, but i actually like Gallinari. He is another guy like Chandler who can play anywhere and do many great things when he gets the ball.

He has been side lined this preseason with a back injury, but should be ready to come back to be part of the team in the regular season. Also, he has some family ties with Coach Mike D' Antoni, which should help with the team chemistry. Malik Rose, Patrick Ewing Jr (No, not 33. His son), and Dan Grunfeld should be some good role players for the team.

CENTER:When you think of the Center of the Knicks, you think about Willis Reed and Patrick Ewing. Maybe even Marcus Camby. Now, its just hard to think about it. Just the name Eddy Curry gives me the chills. He is over weight, out of shape, and unathletic. If he can barley make it through a game with a regular pace, how do you expect him to make it through the first quarter of an up - tempo, Mike D'Antoni style game? I'll tell you this. HE WON'T! He should get traded right now and never put on the Orange and Blue ever again. I would start Jerome James at Center over Curry. That's not a good thing because I don't remember the last time i saw Jerome James check into a game.

Now for the man in charge, Head Coach Mike D' Antoni. His "run and gun" and up tempo style of ball should really help the Knicks out. This is what the Knicks need because they are just a big ball that needs to explode and burst out with tons of energy and emotion. The system has proven itself with the Suns, so why cant it work here?

PREDICTION: 7th Seed in the East. Being a Die Hard fan, I believe that they are going to win the WHOLE THING! GO KNICKS!