Texas Longhorns: They're No. 1 and They're Going Nowhere

Hayden MeikleContributor IOctober 23, 2008


First, a confession. I really don't know enough about college football, the Texas Longhorns and the damned BCS to be writing this piece with any sort of authority.

Just stop reading now. Seriously.

For those hardy souls who have made it to the third paragraph, here is a view on the Longhorns' remaining schedule through the eyes of an ignorant New Zealand sports fan who has been to Texas once (for the Friday Night Lights in Odessa, mainly), can't explain the difference between the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and the Fruit Bowl, and can't even remember who won the national title game last season.

What I can say with some authority is that the Texas Longhorns are one heck of a football team. And you don't have to be a rocket scientist or spend hours BS—ing about the BCS to predict with some confidence they are on their way to a second national title in four years. Or is it three? Since Vince Young was their quarterback, anyway.

Texas has a brutal schedule, that's for sure. You have to think their October schedule is the toughest in all of college football. But their form suggests a very real chance they are headed for an unbeaten season.

The Longhorns' last two games were against top—25 teams and they polished off then—No. 1 Oklahoma (45-35) and then—No. 11 Missouri (56-31). What's left ? Five games, three at home.

First up this weekend for the 'Horns is the tasty Big 12 match-up with the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Longhorns v Cowboys? Beast beats man, man.

Now it seems ol' OSU is a fair team. They're ranked sixth in the nation with a 7—0 (3—0 Big 12) record identical to UT's.

My extensive scouting tool (Google) reveals the 'Boys have an offense to match the Longhorns', led by the very talented trio of Zac Robinson (QB), Kendall Hunter (RB) and Dez Bryant (WR).

OSU has a running back who is sixth in your great nation in rushing yards per game, and a wide man who is second in receiving yards per game. Even I know that's impressive.

Yeah, but the Longhorns got Colt McCoy, whose stocks have skyrocketed with his exceptional passing in recent weeks. He's my pick for the Heisman and I don't care if I can't name one other candidate.

What follows for the 'Horns breaks down like this:

@Texas Tech — Very good team, explosive passing game and an improved rushing game. Won't be easy to beat in Lubbock. Don't expect defence to decide this battle of the Texans. Meikle's pick: Texas 48, Texas Tech 30.

Baylor — Should be a cakewalk. The Bears are slumping. Meikle's pick: Texas 44, Baylor 17.

@Kansas — The Longhorns will rip their @#$*%$ heads off! At least the Jayhawks fans will be “encouraged” to chant something nicer than that. KU has some serious offence but its defence can be suspect. Meikle's pick: Texas 36, Kansas 18.

Texas A & M — A nice little match up with the Aggies to end the season and prepare the Longhorns for the national title game. Texas A & M is struggling through a 2-5 season and things have got so bad that a prominent blog, AggieCoach.com, has announced it is shutting down. Meikle's pick: Texas 48, Texas A & M 14.