New York Mets: Who Should We Sign?

Daniel LewisCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

As a lifetime Mets fan, I am going to continue my tradition, one I have done at the end of every Met year since I have been born: Suck up the pain, and be confident that next year is the year. (I was born after 86.)

So, if we are going to do it in '09, a lot hangs on the shoulders of Omar Minaya.

The Metropolitans have the money to spend, but where should it be spent.

In my opinion, I think we should ignore the big namers.

Manny? We have Jose Reyes and he is young enough to learn how to act and how not to act. Should we bring in Ramirez to show him how to play the game? You answer that one.

K-Rod? We would be paying the guy money based on a season with 62 saves. He is not going to do better than 62 saves so why pay him as such?

Sabathia? With the way he finished this season, people who can afford him will be offering much more money.  I think we should use the money elsewhere.

We should, however, go after the next level of players.

If it all worked out in my perfect world, we would sign Orlando Hudson, A.J. Burnett, Eric Byrnes, and two relievers. That is asking a lot, but hey, I said it's my perfect world.

Who knows what will happen? Santana was supposed to be the answer. As good as he is, it apparently wasn't.

Make your guesses Mets fans; make your prayers; but, at least, get excited because while your getting up for work, going to school, etc. Omar Minaya will be a man at work.

Something is going to happen.

For now, predict and guess. Send me what you think. I love predictions and outlooks of other Mets fans, or even Mets haters.