Gaborik On The Block

Jack OverhouseContributor IOctober 23, 2008

As Gaborik claims to be injured again and again i was not buying it and to tell you the truth I didn't believe the report.  My first reaction was the Minnesota Wild are looking to trade their star, and what do you know a week later my hypothesis came true.  The Wild are looking to trade their star early in order to get the most for him.  As of Thursday it sounds like a 2 teams race between the Montreal Canadiens and the Los Angeles Kings. Personally i like the possibilities of the Kings trade better as i see a possibility of getting both Jack Johnson a talented young defense man and also Patrick Osullivan a talented young forward (that the wild traded away at the draft two years ago). Right now i would love it if we could just get a solid young player and that sounds like what the Wild are looking for in return.  I wouldn't be surprised if we get anyone from Patrick Kane of the Blackhawks to Jordan Stall of the Pittsburgh Penguins they would both be liked players in Minnesota.

If the Wild were able to get a star out of this trade it would do the team and management a great credit.  Lets face it Gaborik has been an All Star twice and no one would be able to tell you that he doesn't perform when it comes to on the ice. Then again the one thing that has ruffled every fans feathers is the fact of his constant lower body injuries.  They have ultimately plagued his career and kept him from being a first rate NHL superstar for the Wild.  I cant wait to see him gone and get to watch his replacement blossom, and i wish Gaborik the Best of luck wherever he ends up.

Even without Gaborik in the line the Wild have managed to go 4-0 and are on top of the Northwest Division.  The acquisition of Antti Miettinen has proved to be the smartest throughout the league over the off season. He has had a goal in every game including a goal in a shootout to win the game in Tampa Bay.  Everyone playing right now is looking very solid and Nicklaus Backstrom has played very solid between the pipes.  The team is off to a blistering start and will look to keep it going as they take on the Buffalo Sabers with Thomas Vanek one of the leagues leading scorers (and former gopher) crashing the net hard.