Ocho Cinco Compliments Johnson, Walter

Jeff AllenCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

"He can’t be stopped. He’s big. He’s fast. So it’s like you just pick your poison. At some point, he’s going to beat you, regardless of what you try to do.”  Compliments like these do not come out of the mouth of Chad Ocho Cinco too often.  It is even less likely to hear these words about an opponent.  But this is what Ocho Cinco had to say about Texans receiver Andre Johnson before their teams face each other this Sunday in Houston.  

Johnson wasn't the only player mentioned by Ocho Cinco.  Kevin Walter spent three seasons in Cincinnati along side Ocho Cinco before coming to Houston.  He complimented Walter's work ethic and said he understands how he became a starter in the NFL.

"Taking the skills that Kev learned here with the toughness and all of the pizzazz he already has as a receiver, it’s no surprise he would be the starter on any team he was on opposite of whoever the number one is."

Chad Ocho Cinco rarely makes a positive comment about anyone besides himself and as recently as this year had taken shots at his head coach, quarterback and management.  Prior to the start of the season he demanded a trade, but has shown up and played in every game for the 0-7 Bengals this season.

However, his numbers are the lowest they have been since he entered the league in 2001.  For the first time since he came to the NFL he is averaging less than 10 yards per catch at 9.9.  His two touchdown catches are the fewest since his rookie season.

His counterpart this week, Johnson, is having a breakthrough season through the first seven weeks.  His 45 catches are third best in the league for a second best 629 yards even with a bye week.  He also is currently the only player in the league averaging more than 100 yards per contest with 104.8 yards per game.  

It's comments like these that should elevate the Texans over the Bengels this week.  If Ocho Cinco cannot even find a positive thing to say about his team it does not bode well for their trip down to Houston.