Proof Positive That Sepp Blatter Is Beyond Laughable in His Control of Football

True BlueCorrespondent IJune 6, 2011

Sepp continues to dig deep.
Sepp continues to dig deep.Julian Finney/Getty Images

Many suspect that Sepp Blatter has spent the last several years feathering his own nest, as well as the nests of his friends and allies whilst running FIFA.

The 'running costs' of FIFA are so massive as to make the real development of grass roots soccer impossible to achieve and yet there is always room for another first class, five star trip to a distant outpost of football.

The majority of people in the media and on the terraces across Europe, find the man and indeed the organisation beyond parody.

So there was a huge pinch of salt to hand when Blatter proclaimed that he would clean up football.

For Sepp recently to stand in front of the assembled great and good of the beautiful game and deliver a polemic of profound nonsensical ramblings was comedy gold.

Surely after Sepp's suggestions that women footballers should wear tighter shorts and gay men should resist temptations whilst in Qatar for the World Cup, he coudn't degrade FIFA and the sport he suggests he loves further?

But I underestimated the Swiss nit wit.

Who will Blatter be calling upon to oversee the world's most popular, most watched, most widely played and of course the richest sport in the world?

The first name I heard made complete sense, Johann Cruyff is a footballing legend and a very able administrator with vision and principles.

When he made it clear that 88-year-old politician Henry Kissinger would be a second member of FIFA's new 'council of wisdom,' there could perhaps have been a case for him in terms of intellect and unbreakable honesty? 

But in true Blatteresque style and panache the punchline was delivered when he named Placido Domingo as an adviser to FIFA. That is Domingo, the opera singer of world renown.

Thanks for proving to everyone concerned that your arrogance, ignorance and indeed stupidity is now beyond doubt