Crystal Magnum Reopens The Past and Starts The Arguement Again

Andrew MasonCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

Two and a half years later and Crystal Magnum is back.

Crystal Magnum? Who is She?

Well in case you do not know she was the woman from North Carolina who claimed she was raped by three white members of the Duke Lacrosse Team.

The memoir called "The Last Dance for Grace: The Crystal Magnum Story" was announced by Crystal on Thursday. 

This reeks of desperation and wanting to make money.  No one in the world believes her story after changing her story multiple times and even going as far as saying she was not sure if she was even raped.  This woman is ridiculous and anyone who buys this book should just get punched in the face.

She is asserting that she was assaulted and wants everyone to know despite having no evidence, no witnesses, and no DNA to back up her claim even a percent.

Joseph Cheshire one of the attorneys who defended the boys said in an email, "If Crystal Magnum truly wants to heal, get on with her life and have others learn from her experiences, she would admit her lies and the damage they did, the fact that she will not do that makes all of her motives and self-possessed desire to explain herself another lie. This is about money and lies. Pure and simple."

I have to agree with Mr. Cheshire on this and that this utterly pathetic. She has no business in trying to do this and is claiming she does not want, "to open old wounds" but that is exactly what she is doing making it all the more outrageous like her story.

After reading the comments on the story from on the story I am thoroughly disgusted and appalled that people think that these boys did not cooperate with the police.  When in fact the exact opposite is true.  They all volunteered for DNA tests and interviews, the whole nine yards.  However when they realized that the authorities were just going on what she was saying and not facts and when they boys accused hired lawyers they stonewalled as exactly what is recommended by the lawyers so nothing could be misconstrued as saying they did it.

Here are two comments from the conversation board that are completely ignorant and I find just awful:

"I would like to know why the former accused have not sued her but they have sued Nifong? Might it be because they are afraid the truth might come out if they do?" By ESPN user: scottyk1491

"It is a shame that we will likely never know what happened. If the lacrosse players were completely innocent why did they not cooperate with police investigators? I'm NOT saying that I think they were guilty. I just think that because they weren't forthright, the DA lied and the defendant gave conflicting stories we'll never know what truly occurred." By ESPN user: mgdevin

Apparently these people lack the common sense in law.  First the truth did come out but what is the point of suing someone who clearly has nothing?  Then while we do not know exactly what occurred we can pretty much just say that anything she claims happened directly to her is highly unlikely. 

I really wish people could just drop it and move on with their lives although I am helping her by making news out of this but I am just so angry that we allow people who destroy lives to make "books" claiming they are memoirs.