WWE: Five Stars Who Deserve More Air Time

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IJune 6, 2011

WWE: Five Stars Who Deserve More Air Time

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    There are a lot of guys on the WWE roster who should be featured more prominently and I could talk about them all. However, I narrowed it down to five.

    Remember that this is all by personal opinion. I made these picks based on what I believe defines an all around great star in the WWE.

    There are also several other guys that I could add but these are my picks.

5. Alex Riley

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    Who is not enjoying his new angle with his former mentor, The Miz?

    I for one believe that this is a great push for Riley, however I think that there should have been more buildup. If Miz forced Riley to stay as his personal assistant until a pay-per-view, they could have built this into an "All or Nothing" Match.

    It would have been quite simple; Miz says that if Riley could beat him that he'd release him from his services. I think it could have added more to this push for Riley.

    Anyway Riley is a pretty good in-ring worker and exceptional on the mic. I look forward to seeing how he does in his feud with The Miz.

    There is only problem with this: he is feuding with The Miz.

    Now this probably sounds crazy to some of you, but who was Riley's Pro? Who did he work for, for almost a year? Who has he entered his first rivalry with?

    All these answers are the same, The Miz.

    Riley can shine on his own after the Miz watched over his entire career.

    I think so, but he needs to move onto bigger and better things.

4. Jack Swagger

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    What can I say about the All-American-American Jack Swagger?

    Well he was an ECW Champion, a former World Heavyweight Champion, and he just finished his role in the Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler storyline. Now he just seems lost in the shuffle on Raw like many other great stars like Ziggler.

    The WWE needs to find another angle for him, but what is it that he could do?

    I have one that comes to mind. He should gain a gimmick of being an all-around American Patriot he can show his pride of being an American and gain heat for it as face or heel.

    To really make this work he should start carrying the American Flag to the ring and chase after the United States Championship, claiming it's his destiny—pun intended—to win the title.

    Another great thing to go with the American Patriot gimmick he should feud with foreign superstars like Mason Ryan, Sheamus and The Great Khali.

    I for one would love to hear some "USA!" chants form it.

3. Daniel Bryan

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    Many can argue that he is the best wrestler in the WWE today. I say that he is right behind CM Punk in that category.

    His mic skills are actually quite good. If you don't remember his thing with Micheal Cole and The Miz last year, you should check it out; it's great stuff.

    Recently, he started a feud with Rhodes and DiBiase. This angle is about how Rhodes doesn't like the way that Bryan looks. It has so far been good, with the exception of the addition of Sin Cara.

    Bryan won't go over in this feud in the long run, but I think he will still look good and gain from it regardless.

    I think that they could make Bryan better by obviously giving him more mic time so people know that he is alright on the mic. He should also chase a title or feud with another big-time wrestler like Sin Cara, R-Truth, or Punk.

    There are several ways they could go about making Bryan better, but my No. 1 favorite idea would be a heel turn. He looks like he'd play a great heel in a time when the WWE needs solid heels.

2. Zack Ryder

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    It's pretty obvious why Ryder is on this list, he has what it takes just like everyone else. Sure his YouTube videos are hilarious, but we all know that Ryder has charisma. He's good on the mic, and he's a solid in-ring worker.

    There are plenty of fans behind this guy and I think that the WWE should capitalize on it. It would be so easy for him to be pushed.

    He can go with what he's got: a funny guy with a bodyguard, who makes puns and parodies other wrestlers. Ryder's character shares similarities with Santino Marella, but he's more serious.

    And with going how many signs I see on each event, I can't believe that the WWE hasn't taken up on such a great superstar.

    If Ryder moved up the ranks, who could he feud with? I pick John Morrison when he returns.

    On his show Z! True Long Island Story, Ryder expresses much hate for Morrison.

    The storyline would be easy to craft; Ryder can talk about how he hates people who try to get to the top and fail every time they are given a shot.

    This brings in Morrison, who could tell him that there's a reason that he is over in the WWE and that is because he got famous for his skills in the ring and not some show on the Internet.

    And that right there could start a feud that would be classic.

1. Drew McIntyre

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    He was called the "Chosen One" by Vince McMahon himself and has had great matches with many stars and had a really good run with the Intercontinental Title, he has really gone downhill after his move from SmackDown! to Raw.

    I can think of one way to push McIntyre but my favorite way would involve him and at least one other superstar. My main idea would be to put him in a tag team with Sheamus.

    I think I'm not the only one who thinks they'd make a great tag team. However he wouldn't be the main man in the feud it would be all about Sheamus.

    My other idea would be a stable that is all foreign wrestlers that would be like the Four Horsemen. I believe it could involve four guys who have been in the main event and a good manager for them who knows what it takes to make their guys the real deal.


    This would be my stable

    William Regal (The Past, and Manager for the stable)

    Wade Barrett (The Future, Present Main man in the stable)

    Sheamus (The future and present, back up for other guys)

    Mason Ryan (The future, The big muscle of the group, Classic look for an enforcer)

    Drew McIntyre (The Future, the next big breakout star)


    Which idea would be better a tag team or a stable member who becomes a breakout star.