WWE News: The WWE Should Sign Hardcore Legend Mick Foley

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIJune 6, 2011

It's finally official, TNA Wrestling has released Mick Foley. Whether or not he asked for his release has been the subject to some debate, but that does not matter. What matters is that he will soon be a free agent.

An opportunity the WWE should not pass up.

The WWE still does not know the identity of the anonymous Raw General Manger. The storyline has grown old and the WWE should just pick someone who was supposedly the general manager the whole time.

So let's see here, we have a free agent wrestler who is a legend and a former commissioner, and the WWE needs a General Manager. Hmmm, I cant think of anything that could happen from this situation.

It would be just plain stupid for the WWE not to re-sign Foley as the General Manager. For one, he can be a very entertaining general manager. Remember the "I'm thrilled to be here in (insert city here)." accompanied with the cheesy grin and thumbs up?

Remember the random spots for his offices, like a closet for instance?

He's also well-versed in booking matches and the intricacies of entertain. He had the idea for Mankind, and some of his other multiple personalities. He helped book the unification matches while he was commissioner.

WWE booking has been somewhat poor as of late, so why not bring in Foley?

Just think of the moments the WWE can have with him back. Imagine his influence when the Rock comes back next year for the WrestleMania match with John Cena. We could see another Rock 'n' Sock connection promo!

However, this would not only benefit the WWE. Foley is very active in charities and support groups, especially the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN).

We all know that the WWE loves to show off its charity action, so signing Foley could lead to RAINN getting some more national exposure, probably from the WWE's "Did You Know" segments.

I can't think of a more convenient pairing for the two parties involved. With the exception of William Regal, the WWE doesn't have anyone currently employed that would be a good general manager. No disrespect to King Regal, but Foley would do a better job in the current era, since they are painting the GM to be a good guy.

Can you imagine, instead of the tri-tone sound that announces the GM's email, you hear Mick Foley's theme song reverberating throughout the arena? It would be a welcome and refreshing change then what we currently have on Raw.

But if the WWE doesn't bring him back as a General Manager, then they at least need to bring him back for a Hall of Fame induction. For all the thumbtacks that have pierced Mick Foley's skin through the years for this business, he certainly deserves it.

Can anyone else remember a more entertaining General Manager? No, Stephanie McMahon doesn't count. You only liked her because she was hot.

It would be perfect for next year. Especially if the Rock is going to go in also, since it's in the Rock's home town of Miami. They could induct each other at the ceremony, and have a legendary two-on-one promo against John Cena. If nothing else, I just want to see Mick Foley and all his wildness in a suit.

The cards are all in place. The audience wants to see him back and it would benefit both the WWE and Mick Foley. It's a no-brainer WWE. Think of all those amazing possibilities, and make it happen.