Floyd Mayweather Update: Exclusive Bleacher Report Interview with Sam Watson

ChristianCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

Floyd Mayweather update


Hello boxing fans, as promised I am back to put forth the latest on "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather. This information came to light while I was covering the Kelly Pavlik-Bernard Hopkins weigh in.

As many of you know, I had the tremendous opportunity to interview various boxing gods. Even with all of the good feedback that my team and I are getting, there is more we wish to share with you.

As I was leaving the weigh-in I ran into Sam Watson. I know boxing fans are thinking “who is that?”

Allow me to educate you, this man is by far one of the most important people in the sport. He is a direct agent of Al Haymon,  who according to Yahoo! sports, is the fifth most powerful man in boxing.

More importantly, Al Haymon Productions is the only promotional company affiliated with Floyd Mayweather. If you watched the Floyd Mayweather-Ricky Hatton fight, you would see Sam Watson in Mayweather’s entourage during the introductions.

You saw him two weeks ago in Antonio Tarver’s corner during introductions and he currently advises and helps Paul Williams. When I met him, he actually wanted to know more about me and my other career. It was quite flattering. Here is how the interview went after we got past me.


Bleacher Report: In your experience, what is the best fight you have ever seen past and present?


Sam Watson: Ali-Frazier! In the gold ole days…now? Floyd-Oscar (De La Hoya)…Oscar hit him with some shots that no one knows about.


B/R: If you could have it your way, would you rather see Floyd in a rematch with Oscar or would you rather see him fight Manny Pacquaio, should be beat Oscar in December?


Watson: He is going to fight Oscar, and he is going fight Manny Pacquaio, and he is going to fight Ricky Hatton.


B/R: Really? Is he going to go to England to fight Hatton? I mean the pound out weighs the dollar (haha.)


Watson: Oh yeah.


B/R: If you had your way, what is the biggest fight that can be made in boxing…if you had it your way?


Watson: Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito is the biggest fight that can be made right now.


B/R: In a return match? I think he would beat him again.


Watson: Oh yeah.


B/R: Last question, I am sorry I know you are  busy…you saw Chad Dawson last week…what do you think of him?


Watson: (The) Jury is still out…he gets tired too easily and it showed against Glenn Johnson…jury is still out.


Now there is more but because the host of the weigh in was so loud, they are difficult to hear, so there is no reason to publish that portion.

Now  in this interview, there is amazing information. It seems by his comments that Oscar hurt Floyd in their fight more then we know. As of now though, Floyd is simply lying in wait according the only Promoter/Manager that I see walk Floyd down to the ring these days.

Not Bob Arum, or Don King, Gary Shaw, Lou Diebella, or Dan Goosen. It is this man and  who he represents who are affiliated with Floyd and his people.

This sounds  like  hear-say but check out the video interview with the transcript that I have outlined for you. He seems to think that Paul Williams vs Antonio Margartio is the biggest promotion that can be made in boxing.

That can be argued, and lets not forget that he is also in with Paul Williams and his people so it makes sense from a business prospective to say that.

I totally agree with him on the Chad Dawson front. He needs more marquee wins before he gets the chance to get big money fights.

It is my pleasure to bring you this Bleacher Report exclusive and I hope you enjoy the video, please excuse the noise.

Take care.