WWE Turnovers: 5 Wrestlers Who Can Succeed a Face Turn

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IJune 5, 2011

WWE Turnovers: 5 Wrestlers Who Can Succeed a Face Turn

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    Heel turns are usually the most spectacular and the most appreciated by the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC). And, as we can see on Bleacher Report, the moves to the dark side are often the talk of the day.

    With R-Truth as the most recent example, it generated a buzz about who should turn heel next. Apparently, the next in line are Christian and Khali but there are many others the fans would like to see turning heel.

    That being said, it seems the spotlight is only placed on the heel turns, especially in the IWC where it gets the more attention. In fact, I would dare to say that the members of the IWC are mostly heel lovers.

    Sometimes, in a wrestler's career, a face/heel turnover can be a very good thing. Such a change might give a breath of new life to a stalling career.  Usually, the best moves are those turning a face into a heel character, while the contrary is often less successful.

    I wouldn't say being a heel is easy, but the recipe to be a great one is not unknown. An effective heel must generate actual heat by getting under the skin of the fans and there are many ways to do so.

    However, the recipe to be a great babyface is not simple. The basic ingredient is a huge dose of charisma to connect well with the live audiences and the viewers at home. An entertaining face will also have to add other ingredients to the mix such as good mic skills and/or amazing in-ring abilities.

    Finally, to spice up things, originality and the capacity to renew a character are also a must to avoid becoming tasteless.

    Alex Riley is the last one to have made the move from a villain to a babyface when he turned on The Miz, his evil mentor. Will it be a success? Only time will tell, but he already proved, on NXT, he could handle the mic with ease and, when he attacked Miz, the crowd was behind him big time.

    I have studied the WWE roster and I must say that not many current heels could turn their coat successfully. In fact, only one or two could make it in a near future and the others would be a long shot.

Wade Barrett

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    The NXT Season One winner is seen by many as the best to have emerged from the WWE TV show. His charisma is undeniable and his in-ring talent is outstanding except maybe for his finisher. He is also great on the mic and he can cut entertaining promos. In other words, Barrett is the total package.

    He proved he could handle the pressure of being in the spotlight and that he could be an effective heel. He had an interesting program with John Cena and he shocked the world as the leader of The Nexus. He is currently the leader of The Corre, but the creative team seems to have no idea on what to do with them.

    The man is surprisingly strong as he displayed when he applied his Wasteland on Big Show. Barret can hold his own against anyone with his strength and his size so he would have no issue to win clean matches as a face.

    I'm not sure the fans are ready for his to become a babyface, but he got what it takes to do it successfully. He could do it in few months if it's done properly with an effective storyline. He already has a huge and vocal fans base so it could work well for him.

Drew McIntyre

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    The Sinister Scotsman was introduced by Vince McMahon himself in 2009. He was presented as a future World Champion and as the future of WWE.

    Fast forward nearly two years later and McIntyre is still stuck in the bottom of the mid-card division, with only an Intercontinental reign and one Tag Team Title on his resume.

    The guy has a lot of potential he's tall, he's big and, at the age of 25, he could have a bright future. As we all seen so far, he is stalling with his heel antics and he seems unable to generate actual heat because all he did so far is to attack random wrestlers.

    He even almost made a babyface turnover when he was involved in a storyline with Kelly Kelly, but it went nowhere. However, the crowd seemed to be ready to cheer him. Anyway, at the point where McIntyre is now, it wouldn't hurt to get him out of the dark side.

Justin Gabriel

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    Justin Gabriel is simply not credible as a heel. With his baby face (pun intended) and his high flying abilities, he would be perfect as a face wrestler.

    He could leave The Corre after telling the group they're doing nothing good for him or something like that. But just keep him away from The Corre and especially from Slater who should go back the the minor leagues.

    Gabriel wouldn't be a stellar face unless we discover he can talk, but he would be a good mid-carder with his impressive agility. He could form a stable with Evan Bourne, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio as their leader; they could be called The Underdogs.

Jack Swagger

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    The All-American American barely made the move to the side of the good guys when Michael Cole insulted and slapped him again on the May 16 episode of Raw.

    There was no follow-up to the incident with Cole so it happened for nothing and it became a wasted opportunity because it could have worked well.

    I don't know if the creative team can resume the storyline, but Swagger could easily play the patriotic card.

    With his his size and his amateur wrestling background, he can win his matches cleanly. He could have a great feud against anti-American heel like Alberto Del Rio 


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    Photo Credit: http://www.sosofficial.com/index.shtml
    Photo Credit: http://www.sosofficial.com/index.shtml

    The Celtic Warrior would be a very credible face because he actually looks like a good guy. He portrayed a popular babyface in his home country of Ireland and in England.

    As you can see on the picture, he could succeed where The Warlord and The Berzerker failed with a warrior's gimmick.

    In an interview he gave in 2006 to the Fighting Spirit magazine, he explained how his signature cross symbolizes his "(...)indigenous origins with a hybrid of warrior strength matched with a strong ethical centre."(1) So, as you can see, there is the key word "ethical" to support the idea of a possible face run.

    And, if it was not enough, Sheamus added the following in the same interview: "We Irish were once a fierce, honour driven hierarchical civilization that put fear into our enemies - that's what my character draws on..."(2)


    (1)-(2) http://www.sosofficial.com/fightingspirit.shtml


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    I had to dig a lot to find those five heel wrestlers who have the potential to become solid babyfaces in a near future.

    There are some others, like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio who can make the move, but not before several months in my opinion.

    Do you agree or disagree with my picks?

    Who do you picture as a new good guy?

    The comment section is wide open.