TUF 13 Finale Results: 4 Fights Kyle Kingsbury Should Take Next

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IJune 5, 2011

TUF 13 Finale Results: 4 Fights Kyle Kingsbury Should Take Next

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    Riding an impressive four-fight win streak over some tough opponents, it might now be time for Kingsbury to be bumped up to fight some bigger name guys.

    Although he has earned that chance, Kingsbury did not exactly look like a world beater and should not be thrown all the way into the deep end.

    He needs some opponents that can build his name but can challenge him in the right places and make him better.

    Here are the top four fights Kyle Kingsbury should take next.

4. Loser of Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio Rua

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    This would be his biggest possible jump up in competition, against a former world champion, and he would have to wait a little bit to get it, but it would certainly be the highest reward for lowest amount of risk.

    If he lost to either man it would not hurt Kingsbury's stock much, if at all.

    If he won, on the other hand, Kingsbury would announce himself to the world as one of the best MMA fighters in the world.

3. Brandon Vera

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    Due to Thiago Silva's failed drug test and subsequent "no contest" ruling for their bout, Brandon Vera has been given a second chance in the UFC. Kyle Kingsbury would be a perfect return matchup for him.

    Vera is a very high profile and dangerous fighter but does not bring the same level of competition as the current true title contenders.

    A win for either man would be a tremendous career booster.

2. Matt Hamill

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    Matt Hamill just had his chance to break through to the very top of the division, and he came up decidedly short.

    He may not be at that top level, but he certainly is a great fighter and a gatekeeper to the big matchups and big names of the division.

    Hamill would also be the first true wrestler Kingsbury will have faced since losing to natural middleweight, Tom Lawlor.

1. Winner of Krzysztof Soszyński and Igor Pokrajac

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    Neither Soszynski nor Pokrajac will be riding as long of a win streak as Kingsbury, but overall they both have faced slightly tougher competition throughout their UFC careers.

    The timing works out perfectly as these two are matched up at upcoming UFC 131.

    Quite simply, the winner of Soszynski vs. Pokrajac represents a logical progression for Kingsbury into establishing himself as growing threat in the UFC's light heavyweight division.