Boxing: Carl Frampton V Robbie Turley Round by Round

David PayneContributor IJune 4, 2011

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 12:  Carl Frampton of Belfast lands celebrates victory over Yohan Boyeaux in their Super-Bantamweight bout at York Hall on February 12, 2010 in London, England.  (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The highly acclaimed Carl Frampton's much discussed professional journey continues tonight as he steps into the Sky spotlight against former Prizefight contender Robbie Turley, who is 10-3. The fight is for the Celtic Super-Bantamweight title, a belt which fighters sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control.

Round One

Turley's shots made to look flimsy against the compact and menacing Frampton. Turley looks busier as Frampton looks to land big shots, but his footwork is excellent. Decent left hook from Turley. Starting to give himself room to work, waiting to counter. Fast jab as the round closes from the Irishman.

Neater work from the highly touted Frampton, but Turley's work rate earns a share.

Round Two

Turley's trying to move well but leaves his head held high when throwing shots. Lots of opportunities for counters. Turley's switching his hitting to try and confuse Frampton, but it seems unlikely he can maintain the pace he's setting. Tiring levels of movement from the underdog. After some borderline body shots, Howard Foster is forced to intervene to offer Turley recovery time from a particularly thudding low blow. Turley running around the ring at times. Some heavier shots getting through from Frampton.

Again hard to pick a winner, but Frampton landed the more precise work.

Frampton 20-10

Round Three

Turley's blond, spikey mullet exaggerates the movement he's showing. Frampton made a breakthrough in the middle rounds with an uppercut. Frampton patient as he waits for Turley's fightback to fade. Gutsy showing from the Welshman. Frampton landing with fast lead rights, but Turley prepared to trade and staying with Frampton in centre ring. Still a focused look on the Irishman's face.

Frampton 30-28

Round Four

Real toe-to-toe exchanges as this fight threatens to boil up into an undercard classic. More switch hitting from Turley, trying to sink in wide body shots. Frampton sports a trail of blood over his right eye. The Welshman just lacks the zing to deter or discourage Frampton.

Frampton 39-38

Round Five

Turley back to moving, presumably to try and capitalise on the cut Frampton suffered in the previous round. Frampton seems to be able to land the left hook at will but isn’t setting it up with the jab. Struggling to close the gap effectively. Blood oozes from Frampton left eye. Turley looking for a physical match from Frampton. Frampton still calm in the corner.

Frampton 49-48

Round Six

Intriguing contest now. Turley isn't quite snatching rounds but over the ten round distance, it could be close unless Frampton can make a breakthrough. Good left right from Frampton. Turley on his bike. Big right hook to the body from the Welshman. Frampton waiting for Turley a little more, trying to walk Turley on to a shot rather than chasing him.

Frampton 58-58

Round Seven

Glen McCrory working for Sky has Frampton ahead 59-56. Hasn't imposed himself to justify that lead in my opinion. Simply not enough combinations from Frampton, who has tried too hard with single or doubles. Needs the 3rd and 4th shots to find the mobile target. Frampton landing some clean blows into the last minute. Sweeping right hand floors Turley, who claims a slip, but he was disoriented momentarily by the blow. No lasting damage but it causes the Welshman a major problem...until a shot after the bell from Frampton forces Doncaster ref Foster to deduct a point.

Frampton 67-66

Round Eight

Turley not discouraged, head knocked back with two quick jabs from Frampton. Certainly proving a very good learning fight for Frampton. Still a natural stillness about Frampton. A composure that will serve him well. Middway point in the round, not many clean shots landed. Irishman marked up around the eyes. Turley stalking the favourite now. Turley rides a big left hook. Frampton has shrunk in stature during the fight. Enthralling close to the fight.

Frampton 77-75

Round Nine

An animated McGuigan at ringside as his charge tries to find another breakthrough. Commentators stating scoring is awkward, and some rounds certainly have been hard to find conclusive winner. Blood smears across Frampton's face once more. Last minute of the round. Turley looking a little jaded, mouth opening, but brave and plucky keeps throwing leather. Turley busier and closes the gap.

Frampton 86-85

Round Ten

All to play for. Punch stats favour the favourite. Turley encouraged to go for it in the last round, despite not reading the script. He'll know the script will insist any close decision will go the way of the house fighter. Mouth piece out, causes a pause, with two minutes remaining. Turley still bouncing on his feet. Both land big body shots. Two tired fighters, Frampton still the more tidy but Turley drives himself go forward. Think Frampton is stealing the last round. Turley just looks worn out now. He's covered a lot of ground.

Big left hook with seconds to go threatens to floor Turley a the bell. Good fight.

Frampton 96-94


96-93 - O'Conner


All three judges give it to Carl Frampton, certainly much wider than it looked to me. For once Terry O'Conner with the card closest to my own. Will do the youngster the power of good, as he moves to 10-0.

Carl Frampton speaking to Ed Robinson concedes "credit it to him, fair play he made it hard for me" adding, "they were telling me to box more and when I did, it was better."

Manager Barry McGuigan still believes his protege is still ready for the British title.


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