David Hart Smith, Cruiserweight Championship, IMPACT Wrestling, & More!

Justin HollowayCorrespondent IJune 4, 2011

A Brief Look into the Past, Present, & Future of the WWE.
A Brief Look into the Past, Present, & Future of the WWE.Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

I began watching Pro Wrestling back in 1997.

It was a very different world then and I didn't want to grow up. But after I moved out of my parent's place in 2005 I seemed to forget about my usual Monday night ritual. Almost six years later I decided to look into today's Pro Wrestling scene.

I'll admit I was embarrassed to tell anyone at first, my wife and friends would see me watching only to toss a handful of less than witty ribs in my general direction. All in good fun, of course. Nonetheless, I'm loyal to the sport, ready to stand up for the industry and the phenomenal performers therein.


The Talent

The WWE's roster has changed by leaps & bounds in six years. I still find some of my old favorites, but I also see new guys who, at first, seem better suited for daytime soaps than properly applying a wristlock.

But, of course, you never know how long it'll be before someone breaks out to be a big star. As most of us know, Vince McMahon and his staff will make mistakes. But they usually redeem themselves twice over within a few months.  

I'm still unfamiliar with most of the new blood, but a large majority of them show a lot of potential. Some of those that currently standout in my mind are The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, & David Hart Smith.

I was a big fan of David Hart Smith's father, Davey-Boy Smith, a.k.a. The British Bulldog. I see some of the same power & technique in his son today. I hope the WWE gives him experienced coaching and a proper opportunity to the main event slot in the coming years.


The Future

My main issue with Pro Wrestling today is the lack of competition. IMPACT Wrestling is trying to offer resistance to the WWEs massive reach in the business. But they still have a long way to go.

Without competition to counter their ratings, the WWE appears to have lost some motivation for the wrestling product. I see more promos & vignettes on Monday nights than in-ring action. In my opinion, it should be the other way around. Otherwise, you negate the sport of 'Sports Entertainment'.  

A piece of the puzzle that I think needs to be replaced sooner rather than later is the missing Cruiserweight title. It's a clear option now more than ever with IMPACT Wrestling's X-Division coming to the forefront thanks to their "Wrestling Matters" promotion.

As most can see, the performers are getting smaller and faster as years go by. Even if the Cruiserweight Championship remained retired, there's plenty of improvement needed in the current WWE Tag Team Championship division.

Let's hope they can put some cruiserweights together & let 'em fly. It's time to see the industry evolve alongside the talent who encompass it.