WWE: Mick Foley Teases WWE Return After Impact Wrestling Firing ***Updated***

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIJune 3, 2011

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Mick Foley, a name synonymous with the WWE, synonymous with the Attitude Era and known worldwide as the hardcore legend, could well be returning to the company within this year.

Thursday night on Impact Wrestling saw the storyline firing of Foley, who wasn't even present at the show.

Here is what Foley made of his firing on Twitter:

"Wait, I was FIRED?!? Are you CEREAL..I mean SERIOUS?!?"

He added, "Wait, I just checked my DVR and it cut out during Bischoff's speech. I can't be fired; I just got back a few weeks ago. Right?"

This seems to be the nail in the coffin of Foley's career in TNA, as relations between Foley and management have been stretched since last year.

Indeed, in the fall of 2010 in an interview with GeekWeek.com, Foley stated that he was not planning to renew his contract with the organisation when it expires in early September of this year.

However, Foley seems to have given a hint of his future plans on Twitter by teasing a return to the WWE:

"Good point @DHStom - I think @mikethemiz might need a new assistant..and I need a new job. Interesting, huh?"

Just a month or so ago, Foley took a direct shot at TNA by comparing a TNA house show with an empty arena match on Twitter:

"Maybe so, but 2 days later, I trapped @TheRock under a pallet of beer kegs to win the WWE strap in an Empty Arena Match aka TNA house show."

Today, Foley tweeted the following after a fan brought up the fact that Foley could have appeared on The Rock's birthday party on Raw:

"Good thing Mick had to stay around for 3 weeks rather than be at @TheRock 's bday bash. #baddecisions"

So, the only question remaining now is whether or not the WWE will have Foley back after he defected to TNA back in 2008. At the time, his relationship with Vince was very strained over Vince reportedly shouting at him through the headset during his time as a commentator, and as a result Foley let his WWE contract expire—much like he is doing now with TNA.

However, Vince is a businessman; he knows that Mick Foley is still very popular with long-time WWE fans, and the potential to have him back in the company putting over young talent is surely an opportunity that cannot be missed. After reading Foley's book "The Hardcore Diaries," I have to say that Foley is a very creative thinker and if WWE let him utilise those skills, it could be very beneficial to the company.

There are also rumours about a possible second season of Tough Enough, which has by and large been a huge success since it returned. Who better to be a trainer than the hardcore icon himself—the man who has always tried to help younger stars and has a wealth of knowledge spanning all aspects of the business? He almost went to TNA in 2006 for that very purpose alone, despite knowing he would be taking a large pay cut.

There have been a few articles on this site recently regarding people who deserve a second chance in the WWE, but I think Foley is as deserving as anyone of a place among the WWE because he can benefit the company hugely in every department.

All comments and thoughts are of course welcomed.

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***Update*** It is being reported this morning that Mick Foley has now officially asked for his release from TNA wrestling, so we may not have long to wait to hear Foley's iconic entrance music in the  WWE again!

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