Week 8 Preview: A Must Win For Gang Green at 3-3?

Justin Feuer Contributor IOctober 23, 2008

The Jets have heard it all. From being the team to beat, to looking lost, to showing how good they can be, etc. But this week brings up a new term they weren’t expecting to hear all season, Must-Win. At 3-3, the New York Jets and Broadway Brett are sitting in a position they didn’t want to see. They face the lowly Kansas City Chiefs in a game not only should they win, but they have to win.

This week the Jets take on a team that averages less than 13 ppg while allowing almost 28. That should be an easy task seeing as how the teams average is 25.6 ppg, but as we have seen in recent weeks, the Jets not only know how to let other teams score, they know how to blow a game. Now I’m not saying that if the Jets lose this game they are not going to make it to the playoffs, but let’s be realistic, at 3-4, facing some of the best teams in the league, it wouldn’t look to promising.

So what do the Jets need to do? Well, for starters, they need to let the gunslinger go out and know what he knows how to do, throw a football downfield. We all are aware that he is going to give up the interception, he has always done that, but in the end, more times than not he will get the score as well. The Jets have a rough road ahead of them also, which means they need to take advantage of this team and show they can play. The only way that will happen is if Favre is allowed to throw passes and the coaching staff is not afraid to open up the field. If they do this the game should be a walk in the park, if not, look out and revert back to a normal Jet fan, wondering what might have been.

After this week the Jets face some of the toughest competition the league has to offer, and what is worse is that those games are all on the road. The Jets head to Buffalo, New England and then Tennessee, teams that have a combined 3 losses compared to 15 wins. That type of schedule does not look good for a team that can’ beat a 1-5 club on their home turf.

So what does that all say for the Jets? It means they have to come out this Sunday and send a message to the rest of the league, a message that they sent out against Arizona, one we saw a glimpse of in week 1 against the Dolphins, albeit they were trying to blow that game. They came out and make a point. These are not the Jets of old, and we are on a mission. Eric Mangini obviously lost that memo in the last few weeks; maybe it is due to again losing to the hated Patriots, even without the help of Tom Brady. He needs to find that fire again and quick before he finds his way to the unemployment line. Jets ownership did not bring one the greatest quarterbacks of all time in to sit home in January.

All around, the Jets are the better team. The Chiefs again will bench Johnson, which means the running game is a moot point and that was the only game they had. The only position the Chiefs might be better is, not even a position player, Head Coach. Eric Mangini managed to outsmart Herm Edwards last season as the Jets won 13-10. He now has to find that managerial flare, remember that this is not Chad Pennington under center and let it all hang out. This is a must win, as much as any playoff game is. These are the games you’re supposed to win, the games big teams live for, the chance to put up big numbers and flex muscle, showing the rest of the league they are a bunch of bullies.

Welcome to the schoolyard Kansas City. Let’s hope the Jets realize who they really are, before it’s too late.