Say Goodbye To The NFL, Larry Johnson: Apology NOT Accepted

Rodney SouthernCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2008

Larry Johnson apologized today and I really could care less.  I know that the Christian thing to do is to forgive him and let it go, but I have finally met my quota of forgiving these prima donna athletic idiots that can not seem to stay on the right side of the law.  Especially where women are concerned.

Four alleged incidents in only five years is clearly a habit.  That is approaching Pacman-like proportions in stupidity.   But he's sorry.  Please.

The single most important point that jumped out to me in listening to this "apology" was the fact that he did not apologize to the people he truly wronged.  The women he alledgedly spat on, hit, assaulted, fought with and abused over the years.  But he sure did apologize to the NFL since his checkbook is attached to their wagon.

This "apology" made Johnson come off as a man that was sorry he got caught - nothing more.  The man obviously feels entitled to treat women in any way he sees necessary.  No way do I buy that he is falsely accused over and over like this.  Even if he was, he is still the idiot that put himself in that position over and over.

Here is a memo to Larry Johnson:

Mr. Johnson,

With millions of dollars at your disposal, women certainly would not be in short supply.  With millions of dollars you could always create a robot with breasts to punch around if you simply can not control yourself.

You play NFL football, and have the opportunity to release your anger on a weekly basis legally.  Grow a pair and take it out on the men that are built to take whatever you can dish out. 

Only men that are cowards target women with their anger, and you have less excuse then quite possibly 98 percent of the human race.  You have money and an outlet to release your anger.  You have a job doing what you love to do and making obscene amounts of money to do it. 

Nobody wants to hear your apologies except those people that you have wronged.  Go apologize to them.  Maybe someday you will learn that a man is not measured by the yard markers on the sidelines.  Make your reparations and adjustments with the right people. 

Then maybe you will be the man you once were as an NFL running back.

Swing that stick Commissioner!  Sally demands it.