Tom Brady's Knee Still in Flux After Choosing Own Doc, Patriots Not Happy

Chris RadezSenior Writer IOctober 23, 2008

The New England Patriots wanted Tom Brady to have his procedure done in Boston, using a doctor that they're familiar with.

Tom Brady wanted to have the procedure done in Los Angeles. Whether it was due to his confidence in a doctor there, or his wishes to be near his family, is not clear.

What is very clear is that Brady may now needs to have the entire reconstruction of his knee done over again, which could cause him to miss time during the 2009 season. It goes without saying the the Patriots aren't exactly happy about this.

From what I understand, his knee was infected after the initial procedure was done, and he has gone in twice since then to fight an infection that would cause the hardware used in the reconstruction to be ineffective. The infection, and the procedures to fight the infection, are apparently quite rare.

This changes New England's approach to a lot of things. With the possibility now that Brady may miss time in next year's regular season, the Patriots may feel the need to acquire additional help on offense in the offseason. Be it on the offensive line or at the quarterback position.

It could change the way they draft. It could cause them to spend money they otherwise would not have spent.

With the losses of Laurence Maroney and Rodney Harrison for the remainder of this season, you would think the Pats have enough problems to think about.

Still no word on Sammy Morris' status. Personally, I think he's alright. He may have had some type of family emergency to attend. This is completely speculation by me, but I don't recall seeing him get injured, and he wasn't at the teams walkthrough earlier this week.

Usually, even the injured players are at the media-accessible walk-through.

I've gone off-topic a bit...but the point is, where do the Patriots even start now that they're finding out Tom Terrific might miss more time than initially expected?

As a Patriots fan, I might be out of fingernails by the end of this season.