Ricky Hatton Admits on Camera That He Is Reitred

marcos villegasContributor IJune 3, 2011

There is only one Ricky Hatton.

No one quite built up a lively and rowdy fan base like Mr. Hatton, whose legions of fans would cross the pond and gorge upon Las Vegas, Nevada, walking along and singing his song.

Hatton at one point was one of the most feared competitors in the ring, displaying a pitbull like tenacity and a never-ending pressure that wilted and broke opponents. His only two losses came from the very best in the sport, respectively to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton though, was never quite the same after his second-round knockout at the hands of Pacquiao, experiencing an up-and-down two years that involved alcohol, drugs and a stint in rehab.

The resilient Hatton bounced back, starting his own promotions company (Hatton Promotions) and facing his demons head-on. It has been a long two years but Hatton seems to be on the right track.

One question that follows him time after time is his status as a active fighter. Though Hatton has not been in a ring since 2009, he has never admitted that he is fully retired, often citing that he is pondering it.

It seems Hatton may have finally made up his mind. In this interview he mentions on two occasions that he is indeed done with professional prize fighting. Though the first time he mentions it, it seems like a slip, Hatton once again mentions he is actually retired at the very end of the interview.

See it for yourself as Hatton also comments on Hopkins history-making win and leaves some encouraging words for Oscar De La Hoya whom himself is having to deal with personal demons in rehab.