In Favre I Trust

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst IOctober 22, 2008

Call me an idiot, call me naive; call me whatever you want, but it won't change the way I feel about Brett Favre.

He is still one of the better players the game has seen, and his reputation has not been tarnished in my eyes, even after what has happened in the last seven or eight months.

I have witnessed Brett Favre's demeanor on and off the field first hand for most of my 25 years on this earth, (being born and raised in America's Dairyland), and his personality speaks for itself.

He says what's on his mind and he means what he says. He is a prankster, even at 39 years young. He plays the game like a 10-year old kid...all the time. He will treat you with the same respect that you give to him.

For the last 16+ years, he has always shown fans why he is the ultimate football player. He plays hurt, physically and mentally. He gives it 110 percent every Sunday, because if you give anything less you'll lose.

So when he decided to retire, I felt he had done enough in this league, and his time was done. The Packers needed to move on into the future, before they got stuck clinging to the past.

Then he 'un-retired', and I now realize that Favre did so because he has so much fun playing a game most of us can only dream of doing. Of course he had second thoughts after that March 6th farewell speech. He didn't know how to be anything else other than a football player.

Many fans turned their backs on Favre because he became a so-called 'traitor' to Packer Nation. Absolutely false.

Think of it this way, Favre got fired from a job he had done for the past 16 years. Of course he was upset with his boss and the rest of the higher-ups. He found out that the company was going in a different direction (a younger direction), and his services were no longer needed. Wouldn't you feel the same way at your current job?

Now some think that his claimed 'resentment' for that same organization led him to leak some insider information to a division rival of the Packers. Again, false. Why would Favre care about a Green Bay-Detroit match up anymore?

Millen called Favre up to go hunting; now that sounds like the Brett Favre I know.

And what happens when to guys are hunting? They occasionally talk sports. I highly doubt Favre told Millen the Packers game-plan; it's not like Favre still carries around a GB playbook.

If anything, Favre should carry around a Jets playbook 24/7 because he's still fuzzy on their offensive calls.

Even if he did tell Matt Millen something, it is perfectly legal, according to NFL standards.

Two reasons why none of this he said-he said stuff matters anymore. One, Millen got fired, so his acts to try and improve a pitiful team are dead. Two, the Lions lost that game 45-28, with GB getting late interceptions, so whatever people think Favre said apparently didn't work.

I've watched clips of Favre's press conference Wednesday, and I believe him ten-fold. He may have talked to Millen, but not about what the Packers might do in that game.

Favre shed some humor in all of this by saying that he never called Romo either. Favre has never been much of a rah-rah quarterback, spending his time teaching others. He's a lead by example guy, and I would follow him anywhere.

Being in the Midwest for so long, Favre now needs to realize that on the East Coast, everything you do will be scrutinized; especially when you're in New York City, and you're name is Brett Favre.

This whole Favre-Lions fiasco is nothing new in this league, teams are always trying to get an upper-hand, using opposing teams former players to get some info. Game film and scouting reports get more in depth each year; the only line-crossing that occurs is when you film practices and/or signals like certain teams out there.

Seeing as how this is an editorial, this is MY opinion, and I know that not everybody who reads this will feel the same way (I'm not going to argue with people on this, so don't come here looking to start a fight). But at the same time, there are fans out there who will share my thoughts too.

If I have shown any distaste for you writers that may not agree with me, I'm sorry. But don't ridicule me for believing good ole' #4, because in my eyes, Brett Favre is one of the few good guys left in NFL.