NFL: Jay Cutler, What Is He Really Made Of?

William LippContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Who is Jay Cutler?  Besides quarterback of the Denver Broncos, what else do we know?  He played at Vanderbilt, he has diabetes, and well he might not be able to take a hit.

After seven great weeks, and even beginning to make everyone say "John who?" Jay Cutler brought back bitter memories of something everyone in Denver has seen a thousand times.  A quarterback who is edging greatness then falling into obscurity when he gets a little boo boo.

Anyone remember Brian Griese? Or how about Jake Plummer?  Both looked outstanding at one point or another while wearing the navy blue and orange, and both shared one problem.

The injury bug.

These weren't even serious injuries (aka ACL tear, rotator cuff tear, etc), we're talking about sprained ankles, maybe a bone bruise or two.  After every little bump Griese and Plummer needed a few weeks to heal up, and played terribly while they were hurting.

Last Monday Jay Cutler suffered from what looked immediately like a broken finger.  They even pulled him from the game to get it checked out.  Later we learned it was just bruised and he returned.  He returned and looked like he hadn't come out of the locker room.

Did a bruised finger make him throw into double or even triple coverage? No, but anyone who's played through an injury at any level knows it's in your head.  Even when you don't think about it, you're still thinking about it.

Denver gets a bye week this week, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  The defense needs to regroup and figure out how to stop somebody.  Cutler, Royal, and Pittman are all battling injuries.

As for the rest of the '08 season, we can only hold onto hope that Cutler doesn't follow the likes of Griese and Plummer, and he can get over his boo boo.

All I can say is thank God for the bye week!