From the Fans: The 8 Dumbest Things in Sports

Clint BryantCorrespondent IIJune 3, 2011

From the Fans: The 8 Dumbest Things in Sports

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    Sports. It is a place where people escape their everyday lives to cheer on their team of choice.

    There are some things in sports that all fans just laugh about. There are some they downright hate. Whether it be some rule, the name of a team or poor choices of athletes, let's take a look at eight of these that just make fans scratch their heads.

8. College Football: Conference Names

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    Credit: Big Ten and Big XII

    This used to be just fine.  You would see the conference name and pretty much know what you needed to know about the conference.

    That is until 2011.

    In 2011, the Big Ten will have 12 teams, and the Big 12 will have 10 teams.

    Come on guys, really?

7. NASCAR: The Chase for the Sprint Cup

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    Some may disagree with this, but many more will agree.

    In 2004, NASCAR decided to add a championship points reset with 10 races to go in the season.  The goal was to tighten the field and produce more excitement.

    The result is that the sport has been watered down and dominated by one driver.

    Not that Jimmie Johnson would not have won multiple championships using the old format.  He is a Hall of Fame caliber driver.  But the sport was grown on consistency and since the introduction of the "Chase for the Cup," NASCAR's attendance and ratings have been anything but.

6. MLB: The Designated Hitter

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    A pitcher who doesn't have to hit.

    A batter who doesn't have to field.

    That is not baseball.

    Sure I get it that some team owners think fans do not buy tickets to watch a pitcher swing three times and take a seat.

    How about teaching the pitchers to hit?

5. All Sports: Players/Owners Negotiations

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    We the fans spend 40 hours every week to make just enough money to get by.

    We get home to see the news of grown men arguing over the millions they get to play a game.

    The contracts are important, but when hard working Americans see these type things drag out, it is a lot harder to get excited about the next season.

4. College Football: The BCS

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    Every other possible sport that can be compared to college football, including lower divisions of college football, has a playoff.

    The highest level of college Ffootball has the BCS.

    Computers are used to calculate who should play for the championship.

    Computers are great, but not for football.

    Give us a playoff.

    Here is an idea: NCAA Football: Playoff Idea

3. NBA: Stars Who Don't Play Defense

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    Defense is part of the game.

    There are many great in the NBA who play great defense.

    Then there are those who score and do nothing else.

    When we see you run down the floor to score, then get passed by a slower player without a defensive effort—not cool.

2. Golf: Too Much Coverage of One Player

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    Tiger Woods is a great player.

    One of the best ever.

    That is all we need to know about him.

    His personal life means nothing to us.

    Yet it was poured on us every day.

1. All Sports: Steroids

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    We don't want to believe it.

    We grew up wearing their jerseys.

    We dreamed about playing with them side by side.

    We imagined ourselves being the next Mark McGuire, Barry Bonds or Jose Canseco.

    Then the dream was crushed.

    Sports figures are role models to kids everywhere whether they want to be or not.

    Cheating destroys the soul of the sport, and hopefully steroid use will be eliminated so we can restore the glory to our heroes.