Kimbo Slice to Join UFC?

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IOctober 22, 2008

Now that ProElite, the parent company behind EliteXC, has collapsed almost as hard as the NY Stock Exchange in recent weeks, the main question on fight fans minds is: What happens to all the talent from EliteXC?

Not that there ever was alot of that there, but there certainly was a decent showing of it in highlight moments. Fighters like Gina Carano, Jake Shields, Joey Villasenor, and so forth, may be talent that can all be put to good use in another organization. But the huge question remains: What about Kimbo?

Rumor has it that the UFC, an organization owned by the Fertitas, and run by UFC President Dana White, could possibly sign Kimbo to a very, very small amount of money contract.

The fact remains that Dana White always says what is on his mind. Another fact is that he truly and honestly believes Kimbo is nothing but a brawler, and this may be true. However, from a business standpoint, would anyone question Kimbo to be nothing less than a big draw?

If White could sign someone to a small contract ($2,000 per fight for example), yet make the ratings soar even further than they already are, then why wouldn't you take a shot at him? Personal feelings certainly have gotten in the way before *cough Tito cough*, but this hasn't stopped Tito from making a huge career thanks in part to Dana White.

How does Kimbo feel about this?

His manager has been recently quoted, according to as saying, "When everything is said and done," Imber said, "we'll take offers from anyone." 

So, news to UFC fans. You may hate Kimbo.  You may think he is the worst MMA fighter in all of the short organized history of MMA. However, if the UFC signs Kimbo Slice, you cannot, and would not say that the matchups would be nothing less than intriguing.