WWE: What Will the WWE Be Like Without Vincent Kennedy McMahon?

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIJune 2, 2011

Since the start of the WWF, one man has always been visible. Whether it be as a commentator, evil dictator of a boss or even as a wrestler, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has been a fixture on our TV screens. None of us like to think of a time where Vince would not be on our TV's.

He hasn't made appearances in a very long time since his on-screen character is retired. It's almost easy to forget about him, even though he is making the big decisions behind the scenes.

But what will it be like when he isn't even working behind the scenes?

Vince McMahon will turn 66 later this year. While that is not terribly old by today's standards, it's not young either. At his age he is more susceptible (knock on wood) to a heart attack, stroke or some other kind of sudden aliment. It's not easy to think about, but it's a very real possibility.

To many of us in the IWC who have been following wrestling since childhood, Vince is kind of like a distant great-uncle. A very greedy and evil great-uncle, but a great-uncle nonetheless.

To imagine wrestling without him is almost impossible, since we've never known the WWE to be without him. There's many possibilities to what will happen when Vince passes away or retires.

For one, the product will stay the same. Many people will blame the current state of the WWE on the greed of Vince, but the amount of greed that goes into making the product will not change.

Despite many faults in how he does it, Vince knows how to run a very successful business. He adjusts to the times and the market.

So while the product may be stale on screen, business is still up because Vince adjusted to the market. He has been training his daughter Stephanie to do the exact same thing.

She grew up in the wrestling business and will run it the exact same way that Vince does. There may be some slight changes in the on-screen product, but nothing drastic.

Stephanie and her husband Triple H are presumably the heirs to the WWE throne, and they both know how to be successful in the wrestling business. It all comes down to greed.

Vince is not the only greedy person in charge of a wrestling corporation. WCW was full of greed. TNA is full of greed (and something else too).

So the IWC can whine and moan about the greediness of Vince, but he is just doing what it takes to be successful, and that will not change when he is no longer in charge.

Another thing that will not change are the backstage politics. The apparent heir, Triple H, is no stranger to the world of backstage politics. Rumors of him sleeping his way to the top are not completely false.

He has the skills and charisma to be at the top, but sleeping with the boss' daughter does not hurt. The backstage politics will not change under the authority of Triple H, and they may even be encouraged.

Also since backstage politics are not exclusive to the WWE (Kevin Nash, anyone?) they will continue no matter who is in charge. Even now Triple H is helping progress the backstage politics by not allowing some creative ideas that push his enemies, especially Randy Orton.

Now one thing that will change, in my opinion, is that there will not be any notorious grudges held against wrestlers who have either wronged the WWE in some way, or made the boss angry.

Not allowing a legend like Randy Savage in the WWE Hall of Fame because of a grudge will not happen under the watch of Triple H. Even though he reportedly hates Randy Orton, Orton will certainly be a Hall of Fame inductee because I believe Triple H is more fair than Vince.

Same thing with TNA stars not getting pushes when they get to the WWE. Recently, more and more former TNA stars have been getting pushes.

R-Truth is most likely going to face John Cena for the WWE title at Capitol Punishment, Kharma was on a huge tear through the divas before her pregnancy and even Christian was given the title, albeit for about five days, but nonetheless, things are changing.

The recent push of former TNA stars is because Triple H now holds a creative position, and doesn't hold a grudge against TNA.

That way, more talented superstars are getting the chance at their title reigns in the WWE, therefore making the PG product better. Other than that, not much else will change in the WWE.

Will we notice that Vince is gone?


Will the product change drastically?

No chance in hell.