The Greatest Of All Time...

Joe Del BussoContributor IOctober 22, 2008

Well, this is probably the hardest thing i'm going to ever have to do in life. Try to decipher who is the greatest wrestler of all time.

Now i know what all of you are thinking "How the hell do you plan on pulling this one off?" Well let me tell you my friends, its not going to be easy.

I have come up with three distinct criteria to judge who could be considered the greatest of all time. These criteria are:

1. Major Title Reigns(World)-Out of 10 Points

2.Interview Skills-Out of 10 Points

3.In-Ring Work Ethic-Out of 10 Points

Now, I have done a lot of research on who could possibly come in at number 1 and have managed to narrow it down to a list of five people.

1. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

2. "The Macho Man" Randy Savage

3. "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan

4. "The Heart-Break Kid" Shawn Michaels

5. Bret "The Hitman" Hart

There can only be one winner, so without further adieu, lets get down to the points.

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair

Title Reigns-10 Points

Interview Skills-10 Points

In-Ring Work Ethic-8 Points

Total:28 Points

I chose to give Flair perfect 10s in Interview skills and Title reigns because he simply is the greatest in both of those categories. However, his in-ring work was very good, but had noticeable flaws, so an eight in still very respectable.

"The Macho Man" Randy Savage

Title Reigns-4 Points

Interview Skills-10 Points

In-Ring Work-9 Points

Total:23 Points

Fortunately, what Savage lacked in titles he made up for with his in-ring ability and his interview skill. Savage was perfection on the mic and I gave him what he deserved. His in-ring work is close to perfect, but there are still little errors throughout his regular routine that could have been fixed.

"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan

Title Reigns-10 Points

Interview Skills-10 points

In-Ring Work-5 points

Total:25 Points

Hogan, was given a perfect 10 in title reigns simply because he was given the title so many times. If I could have chose, he would never have been champion as many times as he was. His interviews on the other hand were almost always flawless. He had a routine and he stuck with it. His in-ring ability however sucked. He can't sell and has an extremely hard time putting people over.

"The Heart-Break Kid" Shawn Michaels

Title Reigns-7 Points

Interview Skills-10 Points

In-Ring Work-10 points

Total:27 Points

Shawn Michaels, who personally is my favourite wrestler, has won the world title four times which warranted a seven score. His interview skills still continue to be amazing and deserve the perfect mark it got. His in-ring ability is second to none which is why he deserved a perfect 10 score. Being the only "active" wrestler on this list, we could see Michaels catapult himself into the greatest of all time, in no time.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Title Reigns-9 Points

Interview Skills-9 points

In-Ring Work-9 Points

Total:27 Points

Finally, i have a soft spot for Bret Hart being a Canadian myself. He got nines down the board in my opinion. His interview skills were very good, but still lacking a little something in my opinion, but his in-ring ability is amazing and was borderline perfect had he not had a fairly routine closing part to his matches.

Well, there you have it folks. The greatest wrestler of all time, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

Feel free to argue and debate this point in the comments section, I'll be more than happy to defend my case.

Wrestlers who just missed the top five:

Chris Jericho

Dusty Rhodes

Harley Race

Triple H

Jushin "Thunder" Liger

The Undertaker