The 5 Annoying Types of Sports Fans

Adam Dietz@dietztrainCorrespondent IApril 2, 2017

The 5 Annoying Types of Sports Fans

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    SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 5: A fan of the Oakland Raiders looks on during their NFL game at Qualcomm Stadium on December 5, 2010 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)
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    If you're on this site, then odds are you're a sports fan. If you're a sports fan, then you probably know others who like sports as well.

    We, as sports fans, are not all created equal. While we all have passion for the games we love, we do not all have the same way of showing it.

    Some choose to paint their faces and scream obscenities at the top of their lungs, others immerse themselves in obscure statistics, and many take the lines they hear on SportsCenter and recite them verbatim to their friends and colleagues.

    Perhaps, you have friends like this or perhaps you don't. Consider yourself lucky if it's the latter of the two. This is a list of the top five most annoying types of sports fans.

The ESPN Guy

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    Jessica Alba loves Sports Center!
    Jessica Alba loves Sports Center!

    The ESPN guy can be spotted a mile away. He is the one spouting out his opinions on last night's events.

    The strange thing about his thoughts and opinions are that they are shockingly familiar to your favorite television analysts and anchors. It's almost as if he is watching television with a pad of paper and jotting down his favorite notes, so that he can share them later.

    The most annoying part of this type of fan is that they fail to acknowledge what they're doing. In some cases they might not even realize it.

    f you find yourself in the midst of this type of fan, I would suggest walking in the other direction, unless you missed the morning's SportsCenter and need a quick update.

The Stats Guy

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    The original "stat guy"
    The original "stat guy"

    As sports fans, we all enjoy statistics to a certain agree and recognize that they are an integral part to the games we love. The problem with stats are that you can pay too much attention to them. This is the case of the stats guy.

    Ever met someone who begins to vomit numbers like a mathematician the second you bring up a certain game or player? Look, I loved the movie Rain Man as much as the next person, but when talking sports there is a time and a place for statistics.

    But for the stats guy, that time is all the time. We all have friends like this. They pay far too much attention to the basic stats like passing yards or yards per carry, but they really pride themselves on the obscure stats like WAR or red zone scoring percentages.

    The stats guy is not terribly confident in his sports knowledge, and he believes that by knowing all the stats, it will make him seen like a bigger fan. He's wrong.

The Obnoxious Guy

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    We all have the capacity to get a little wild when our favorite teams are playing, and why not? Sometimes games are that exciting, and it's good to let off a little steam. It may be even therapeutic, but moderation is key. The Obnoxious Guy has never heard the word moderation, and he probably doesn't even own a dictionary to look it up.

    The Obnoxious Guy will paint his face/body and make a sign. These are guarantees. He will yell at the top of his lungs, whether the game is close or not, whether professional or amateur level.

    For him it is not so much about the game, but about the show he can put on and the attention he can draw to himself. The Obnoxious Guy's beverage of choice is, of course, beer and quite often cheap beer at that.

    We have all been "this guy" at one point or another, but don't let yourself be the Obnoxious Guy all of the time.

The Hometown Guy

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    Walmart Wolverine
    Walmart Wolverine

    Being loyal to a certain team in a specific era is as native to sports fans as benders are to Charlie Sheen.

    However, as fans of our teams, at times we must be realistic about our favorite team's chances of winning. I will always root for the Detroit Tigers no matter who they play, but do I think they are the best team in baseball? They are most likely not even the best in their division.

    This is where the Hometown Guy separates himself.

    Here is a hypothetical situation. Mike is from Washington D.C and follows the Nationals, and Joe is from New York and follows the Bronx Bombers. Although Mike should and does root for the Nationals against the Yankees, there is no way that he could tell Joe with a straight face that the Nationals are a better team and will have a stronger season.

    At no point in the conversation could Mike say, "Yeah, CC Sabathia is a good pitcher, but he isn't half as good as Livan Hernandez" without trying to be funny.

    The Hometown Guy allows his team pride to get in the way of the harsh realities of the sporting world.

The Negative Guy

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    The Negative Guy is the polar opposite of the Hometown Guy.

    While, the Negative Guy does support his favorite team in times of good, he will jump ship as soon as something negative happens. The Negative Guy is always very quick to write his team off and has no real faith in his team whatsoever.

    He doesn't believe in walkoff home runs, buzzer-beaters or last-second field goals. In fact, he has probably already left the room by the time these things are going to occur because he lost hope in the third quarter when his team's quarterback threw his third interception down seven.

    As a way of justifying his negativity, he will often repeat statements like "this isn't looking too good" or "well, this one's over." When he says things like this, he secretly just wants someone to agree with him, but I assure you this is not a good idea.

    If you isolate him in his zone of negativity and your team comes back, then you have two things to be excited about: Your team's awesome comeback victory and the inevitable "I told you so" that you can send his way.

    In sports, you've got to have faith.